Shift Space

by on March 7th, 2015
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Jason was a physics major with big dreams of making a life changing discovery. Creating sound waves using high powered lasers was a new technology that Jason was excited to work with. The 5 megawatt laser that he was using consumed tremendous amounts of power and burned out quickly. Jason was working on a new lasing substance with a chemist from another department. With this substance they could achieve much higher frequencies and laze much longer without burning out the laser aperture. Jason was investigating the possibility of alternate universes existing right on top of our own. He believes that a high enough frequency of sound waves will allow him to shift into one of these universes. Jason hoped to encounter new technologies and advances in mathematics and science while visiting these universes in hopes to advance our own universe.

While working a military contract at White Sands Air Force Base, Jason was testing the possibility of setting off crystalloid explosives with the 5 megawatt laser from long distances. The typical testing methods employed in his lab involved firing the laser at objects no more than 50 yards away. Jason was sure that a laser of this magnitude would definitely have the desired effect from any distance, as long as there was a straight line to the object. Jason warmed up the laser while the soldiers placed the explosives and collateral objects near the target area. Crystalloid explosives have a high energy output when combustion occurs. The military goal was to cause combustion of the entire crystalloid at one time in hopes that the energy output would be exponentially higher.

The target was set and Jason was ready to fire the laser. The countdown began and the target lock was firm. The clock reached zero and Jason fired the laser. The crystalloid exploded with enormous energy, seemingly destroying everything within 200 yards. The output was far greater than expected. Jason quickly ran down range to inspect the area. It appeared that every object around the area had been vaporized. While reviewing video of the explosion Jason noticed something strange. A ripple seemed to travel ahead of the explosion and consume all of the collateral objects before the explosion arrived. Jason theorized that this was the wave needed to travel between these universes.

Back at the lab Jason calculated the possibility of aiming two of the lasers at one another and firing them at the same time. He hoped that this would open the hole and allow him to keep it open long enough to travel back and forth. He programmed the computer to fire both lasers at the same time and keep them on for 30 seconds. He then programmed the computer to repeat the process 1 hour later. Jason retrieved his video camera and some other personal items from home in preparation for this journey. He set up the camera to capture his walk into the portal and planned to use his digital camera to take video of the journey and what he observed on the other side. He started the countdown and turned on the cameras. The lasers fired at the same time and the portal opened. Jason took a deep breath and stepped into the ripple. He emerged in a vacant lot in the middle of a large city…

He noted how sleek the all white buildings seemed to be. The architecture was unlike anything he had ever seen. Jason set the timer on his watch for 50 minutes. He began walking along the street and noticed there were no cars anywhere. He approached a phone booth and began looking for his name in the book. He theorized that there would be an alternate version of him in this universe and wanted to prove his idea to be reality. He found 7 names in the book matching his and decided to call the first one to see if the voice sounded like his. There was no hand set on this phone but there was a number pad. He punched in the 4 digit number and noticed that the one on the phone was 0126, one day before his own birthday. The phone began to make a high pitched sound and then a bright light appeared. It was blinding so Jason closed his eyes. When he opened them he was in an apartment looking at pictures of himself. He was shocked. This was no phone but a transport device. The technology was amazing and he had to learn more.

“What’s going on here” came a loud voice from behind him. He turned quickly to see another version of himself standing with a look of utter shock on his face.

“Who are you” the figure demanded.

“My name is Jason Douglas, I’m from another universe”. “I know this is hard to believe but I traveled here in hopes of meeting you”.

The figure looked Jason over and replied “that was foolish, now you’re stuck here”.

“NO” replied Jason. “I set my equipment to reopen the portal within an hour”.

“How do you know that time is going to work the same here as it does in your own world” stated the figure. “By the way my name is Jason Douglas as well, but everyone calls me JD”. “We have lost several prominent scientists to inter universal travel. The problem we have encountered is that time does not always work the same between the two, they would come back aged many years and no longer able to perform their duties, and that was the ones that made it back.” Jason looked at JD with great shock. “Are you saying that your world has been capable of this before”? “Yes, we have been capable of this for many decades but we encountered so many problems that we abandoned the concept over 100 years ago.” Jason explained to JD how he managed to open the portal and how much further advanced this world was than his own. JD advised him to return to the spot where he entered this world and hope that when his hour was up, the portal would re open. Jason thanked JD for his kindness and explained that he may return one day soon. Jason dialed the 4 digit number and closed his eyes. He stepped out of the booth and began to walk back to the empty lot. He arrived 7 minutes before the portal was to reopen. He wrote in the sand “Jason Douglas was here”. He sat and thought about what JD told him. He was beginning to get worried that he may be stuck in this world. While it did not seem like a bad place to be, it was not his own. He had family and friends that he wanted to see again. It was time for the portal to reopen. Jason stood up and the ripple appeared. The time in these two worlds was precisely the same. He stepped back through the portal and into his lab. Over the next several years he would journey to JD’s world many times. Each time bringing back advancements in medicine, power, food, and travel.

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