Samhain ~

by on February 18th, 2011
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Under the Samhain crescent moon,
My beloved waits for me.
He has traveled
For this night
This blessed meet

Time and space have opened
And through a clearing he emerges
Into the field of strewn leaves
And vines entwined
Trees fallen and covered in moss
Roots exposed and reaching for the clouds

He calls for me
Sure that I am coming
From the village
Not far behind

This trail that I walk
Moonlit and hallowed
I follow the wind
Brushing evergreen boughs
Hair lightly catching
Guide me to him

Breath brings us together
The warmth of his cheek
So sweet to me
Fingertips so gentle
Draw me closer,
Knees go weak.
Into his arms I admit
Myself to fall

Pressed in so tight,
He holds me
Under the crescent moon
There is joy
And there is reason
My love, my tribe, my truth, my devotion.

Samhain Love
Pure emotion
Divine intention

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