Recycled Crocheted Denim Headband

by on December 17th, 2010
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Crochet a headband from recycled denim jeans. This adorable headband is the perfect accessory when sporting new blue jeans or as an accessory to your favorite jeans. As long as you can single crochet, this easy to make headband will be the hit of the party. Make several and give them away as gifts!

Prior to starting the project, cut the old denim into ½-inch strips. The strips do not have to be precise but as close to ½-inch as possible. The fabric will fray while cutting and during the crocheting process which is part of the denim headband appeal.

Connect the ½-inch strips of denim together to create one long strip. Fold a ½-inch end up 1 ½-inch. Cut a 1-inch slit parallel to the long edge. Repeat the process with each end. Connect the strips together by inserting the end of one strip through the slit on a second. Pull the inserted strip through the slit approximately 6-inches. Take the opposite end of the inserted strip and place it through the slit on the 6-inch piece. Pull the end through the slit. Continue to pull the end until the two pieces lock together as one. Roll the strips into a ball. Repeat the process until all strips are connected. Now the fun begins!

Things You’ll Need:

Denim strips
Size J/10/6mm crochet hook


Row 1 – Chain 72 stitches. Join the last stitch to the first stitch in the row making sure the chain is not twisted.

Row 2 – Chain 1 stitch. Single crochet in each stitch around. Join the last stitch to the first stitch in the row for a total of 72 stitches.

Row 3 – 6 – Repeat Row 2 to create a headband approximately 1 ½-inches wide. Finish off. Cut the denim strip approximately 3-inches from the hook. Weave the end back and forth through the last row of stitching. Cut off any excess.

Use these same instructions to create recycled crocheted headbands from old shirts, towels and sheets.

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