Kate Middleton Anorexia: Rumors of Promoting Eating Disorder Squashed by Friend

by on June 18th, 2014
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A friend of Kate Middleton is squashing rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge is alright with being a “role model” for anorexia. Since William and Kate wed in April, the newest member of the British Royal family is suspected to have an eating disorder since her shrinking waistline is getting smaller by the week.

“Kate is very slender but she certainly doesn’t have an eating disorder,” a friend of Kate Middleton told the Herald Sun.

Although the Duchess is said to be inspiring a legion of eating disorders for women, such as turning to anorexia or other extreme forms of dieting, her friend says Kate would be “horrified” at being a role model for such an unhealthy cause.

“She’ll be horrified that she is on these sites,” her friend says. “Yes, she has lost weight but that’s largely down to the stress she has been under and all the traveling she has done recently.”

Kate Middleton Anorexic or Just Under Immense Pressure?

William and Kate are under considerable strain and pressure since getting married in the spring. Kate knew when she married the future King of England that she would be in a harsh spotlight. The stress of traveling and handling so much criticism from the media is enough to make the appetite subside.

Kate Middleton had done a lot to promote a healthy living when her actions are reflected upon. She’s athletic and has been seen as fit member of the royal family. It’s hard to imagine that she would be alright with condoning any eating disorder, especially anorexia.

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