Is Spotify Worth the Cost?

by on November 21st, 2010
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One music service that has really exploded in the past few months is Spotify, but is it worth the cost? Spotify currently comes in three different flavors. There are two paid versions, but the free one is limited. The free version of Spotify has a limit on how much you can listen to music and also has ads that will come up in between some of the music sometimes. This can become annoying, but I have found it to not be a huge deal considering you are getting this for free. The cheapest version you can get is Spotify Unlimited which is currently at $4.99 per month. This gives you unlimited music listening and no advertisements, but these are really the only differences from the free version. The most expensive version of Spotify is $9.99 per month and has several more features available to you such as: streaming files to your mobile device, playing Spotify on your mobile device, playing Spotify through other music systems, enhanced sound quality, and several other features. If you are an on the go music listener Spotify premium is a very good choice.

I started out using the free version of Spotify, but I’ve upgraded to Spotify premium and have been very pleased. I’m a pretty avid music listener and find myself listening to it on a daily basis. Spotify’s music library is very big and makes it fun choosing different music to listen to. Most of the music that I’ve wanted to listen to has been in Spotify’s music library. You also have the option to listen to radio stations, which come in quite handy if you do not want to choose a particular song. You can also choose a particular music genre, much like Pandora.

Spotify is great for me because I’m a student and I can access this music on my iPhone as well as my computer. Spotify is also a much cheaper alternative rather than buying all the music. If you have iTunes, Spotify does a very good job with integrating the software, basically, allowing you to play your iTunes library through Spotify. Ultimately I have to say that Spotify is definitely worth the cost if you’re an avid music listener. If you’re unsure if you will like Spotify, you can try out the free version which will give you full access to the Spotify library and 20 hours of free listening. The only downside to this is that there will be commercials and advertisements in between some of your music, however, these ads go away if you upgrade to premium. I’m fairly confident that you will enjoy the service as I continually use mine on a daily basis.

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