Innovations Coming to the Cyber World

by on October 9th, 2010
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Research findings of Deloitte were recently announced in their annual “Tech Trends” report which identified the top emerging and disruptive technologies which are expected to play a major role in how businesses are anticipated to operate on a global scale in 2012 and beyond.

Geospatial visualization is expected to increase to accommodate the wealth of geographical location-aware data. Sources feeding this include new semi-structured data from mobile devices, geo-tagging of existing enterprise structured data and utilizing new streams of location-aware unstructured data.

Many organizations are finding ways to change the size, volume and complexity of data into insight and value. This will happen across both structured and unstructured content from internal and external sources. It will complement but not replace the long-standing information management programs and investments in data warehouses, business intelligence suites, reporting platforms and relational database experience.

Members of the baby boom generation will become more adept at using the digital world. The rise of social media in their daily lives has created a new way for social business. Organizations are working hard to use social networks and reshape how business gets done.

Skill based learning is becoming a part of the day-to-day business processes and is driving its performance. The use of gaming simulations and mechanics will increase.

Cloud-based and cloud-award integration offerings will continue to change and evolve as many organizations face a hybrid reality with a mix of on-premise solutions and multiple cloud offerings. The challenge will be integrations, identity management and data translation.

The ability to be flexible in operation and business models is proving to have increased value. Need to share is colliding with need to know and shifting solution architectures.

According to a 12/8/12 press release from Deloitte, Bill Briggs the director of Deloitte consulting LLP sees changes occurring in the next 12 months.

“The next 12 months will see several technologies including the cloud, big data and mobility continue to grow, while a topic like gamification is just starting to emerge at the enterprise level.”


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