How to Watch a Movie Online Without Downloading

by on March 7th, 2015
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If you want to watch a movie online without downloading, you only have one option: you must use a streaming video website. With streaming video technology, movies and other forms of media are stored on the host’s server. They get sent to your server via a plugin, a small program that allows you to access media through your browser. Most modern-day browsers already come equipped with the plugins you need for streaming, but if yours doesn’t, this is the only thing you would need to download. Once the plugins are in place, you never have to install them again. It’s a small price to pay to look at free movies online.

Now, to watch a movie online without downloading, you have to make a decision. If you are dead-set against paying any money, you will have to use networks like Hulu or Veoh. Both sites allow members to watch free movies and TV shows online without downloading. The only catch is that you must watch a commercial to access the content. This is how these companies are able to make their money.

Another alternative could involve paying a subscription fee. However, if you go this route, I would recommend sticking to services that you would be using anyway. Amazon Prime and Comcast Xfinity are two examples. Both allow you to watch movies for free without downloading them, but you will have to pay for the main subscription. With your subscription, you’re not really paying for the movies, as they are given as a type of bonus. With Amazon Prime, you are really paying for a premium membership (which offers a host of other benefits). As for Comcast Xfinity, this is free service that is given to all Comcast subscribers. So, if you already have their cable service, you might as well check out Xfinity, as it will allow you to watch feature films online free of charge.

You can also use YouTube to watch a movie online without downloading. But there will be a limit to what you can watch, since YouTube cannot legally share copy written material. So, if you do see a movie, it will either be an independent production or some type of promotion. In addition, since most YouTube videos are only 15 minutes long, you might have to watch the movie through multiple installments.

Films distributed in YouTube’s movie section are a notable exception, though most of them require a fee. If you want to watch a movie online for free without downloading, you must browse through YouTube’s “Free” section. Like Hulu and Veoh, you’ll have to watch a commercial, but afterward you’ll be treated to a free full-length film. Best of all, you can watch the movie in its entirety. Unlike other YouTube productions, you won’t have to match up different segments.

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