Hazen, PA – the Best Flea Market in Western PA

by on December 27th, 2014
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Flea markets offer something for everybody. Whether you enjoy looking for treasures to resale, that childhood toy you had growing up, something practical and useful, or that special piece to complete your collection, a flea market is the place to go first. Flea markets have everything from the old to the new, from the dirty to the mint, from A to Z. You will find it all.

If you find yourself in Western Pennsylvania and you have a Saturday or Sunday to spend, you simply must visit the Hazen flea market. Hazen, PA is a tiny little hole in the wall north of Pittsburgh. It is accessible by traveling on Interstate 80. Hazen, its own exit on I-80, is located in the middle of nowhere. But, on the first weekend of the month, from May – October, this tiny village of a few hundred residents turns into a metropolis of many thousand visitors.

Held outdoors at the Hazen Fire Department grounds, this flea market is massive. It will take you several hours to walk its entire length. You can easily spend five hours or more exploring the plethora of treasures that they have to offer. There are hundreds of vendors each wanting to sell you some of their wares. You can buy antiques, food, mass-produced items, and collectibles.

And then there’s the truly weird items. Some of the crazier things seen at the Hazen flea market include tables of incredibly rusty old…metal things (not sure what they were), (probably) stolen street signs, airplanes made of aluminum cans, and every possible knife and shot gun ever made. If you want the odd, it is here.

Food and drink is readily available, too. The Hazen Fire Department has a large building selling all types of food – hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, and so on. Local vendors also sell all kinds of flea market food – sno-cones, fried this and that, funnel cakes, and all sorts of random snacks. And every other vendor sells water or soda.

Some other uniqueness of Hazen’s flea market include $3 parking with no entrance fees, dogs are allowed, and one tip to the wise – it gets hot so dress accordingly. Always remember to arrive early if you want the best deals. Sundays will have slightly more vendors that Saturdays, and there is no rain date. If it’s rained out, see you next month. Have fun!

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