by on August 15th, 2010
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Just a simple thank you is so powerful. A thank you to a friend, a family member and to God or the Universe can change the way you view the world. We can spend a lot of time bemoaning our situation. The more we focus on this negative state the more negative things will happen. It is almost like we wish for them and plan for them.

Turn your feelings from this negative state to a grateful one. When a negative thought comes into your head quickly erase it and replace it with a thankful one. There are many things to be thankful for in our lives. True we all have our issues, but we also have a lot to be grateful for. For example we live in a free country, we can say and do what we please as long we do not hurt anyone. We have choices for businesses, what we eat, what we think and where we want to go.

If you are in a situation right now that is not working for you, take some time and list all the reasons and things that are not happening. Take that list and throw it away, and imagine it going off into space never to return. Make another list of all the things you think you should do to make the situation work. Be free with this, even if some of the things are not easy or feasible at this time. Look at the list and think of ways you can make at least one thing happen. Make a third list of all the things you are grateful for in your life without criticism or irritations. Treasure this list and look at it at least three times a day for the next week or two.

At the end of the third week you will feel better about things, have some new and exciting ideas to implement and new enthusiasm for your project or situation. Every thing we do in life has a downside. We want to make new friends but feel there is no one we like. We want lose weight but we cannot get off the unhealthy eating regime, We want to start a business and frustrating thoughts bombard our success.

So take one step at a time. Give thanks often, and this will allow your mind to be free for wonderful things to happen.

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