GOP Leader McConnell Can’t Get His Stories Straight for a Week

by on November 4th, 2010
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GOP leaders assume that their red state voters are information free voters. They assume these apathetic dolts don’t realize their leader Mitch McConnell can’t keep his propaganda consistent, even for only for a week. Why are these proles so ignorant? Look at their recent history. They voted for, and later idolized a guy who played second banana to a chimp. Remember Reagan’s “Bedtime for Bonzo” role? They don’t care about facts, just phrases and policies that appeal to their base instincts.

The article “GOP leader McConnell blocks Senate vote on House payroll-tax-cut package” demonstrates how yet again the GOP will do anything for its dual goals of political gain and shafting the bottom 99%.

They have managed to obstruct Congress long enough that another government shut-down is looming and McConnell wants to see if he can get any concessions from the Democrats to avert another crisis. The GOP doesn’t care about how this diminishes the image of the US worldwide.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is attempting to make Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell fulfill his role as a legislator. All the “Party of NO” wants to do is obstruct the Democrat’s desire to pass legislation that will benefit the bottom 99%!

The article states “Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) said McConnell blocked a vote on the bill because Republican senators did not want to take a stance on controversial provisions in the bill, such as requiring the recipients of unemployment benefits to take drug tests.”

The Democrats have proposed any number of reasonable solutions with the GOP who have simply obstructed as the article states “Reid wants to demonstrate to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that the House-passed payroll-tax legislation cannot pass the upper chamber, so they can begin negotiating a compromise.”

McConnell is contemptible as he can’t be expected to stay true to his word as the article states “On Tuesday, McConnell said: “We need to see if the House bill, which will pass, we think, with a significant vote, can pass the Senate. I hope it will.”

How can red staters, who could benefit greatly by this payroll-tax legislation, vote for GOP leaders such as this?

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