Go Green and Buy an Older Home

by on March 7th, 2015
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Recycling is an important part of being ecofriendly and cutting back on resource consumption. But there’s a lot more than just bottles and cans that can be recycled. Buying a historic home instead of buying a newly built home can not only help you to help save the planet, but also there are numerous other advantages that can really make it worth your while to buy an older home instead of building a new one from scratch.

1. Craftsmanship- Speedy production building methods often lack the quality craftsmanship that is found in many older homes. No need to waste materials by replacing faulty production problems with an older home.

2. Waste- Building a new home from scratch creates a huge amount of waste. An older home-even one that needs renovations-creates far less waste than building a new home.

3. Designs- Architectural designs that reflect an older home is an often sought after look. But plastic fakes and shoddy reproductions only create new waste and use precious resources. Older homes have a classic design that transcends the ages and tastes that often change quickly in new home designs.

4. Wood- They just don’t make wood like they used to! In fact, the larger the timber, the more difficult it is to get and the more costly it is to our environment as old growth forests are logged to get these materials. Older homes already have the superb timber installed, so no devastating logging is required.

5. Costs- An older home that needs a little TLC can cost less money to repair than it costs to build a new home. While saving money is important, saving our planet from overconsumption is priceless.

6. Incentives- Besides the fact that you’re helping to save on precious resources and limiting waste, buying an older home can actually provide you with monetary incentives. Tax breaks, grants and other government loans are available all over North America for purchasing and renovating historic homes.

7. Real Estate Value- It’s a proven fact: an older home holds it resale value much longer than a new home. When you buy a lot, clear the forest and build a new home, it’s a lot like buying a new car. As soon as you drive it off of the lot, it loses 1/3 of its value.

8. Home Improvements- Whether your home is brand new or historic old, more often than not; you’re going to do some home improvement to it down the road. An older home not only makes it easier and cheaper to renovate, it also uses less materials.

9. Looking Good- Historic homes-especially those in historic districts-have a curb appeal that just can’t be matched by a modern day housing development.

10. Historical Meaning- It’s not just the benefits like saving money or eliminating wasteful practices, owning an older home has authentic history, something a new home won’t have for years to come.

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