Give Thanks to Have a Happy Thanksgiving

by on February 18th, 2011
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Especially at Thanksgiving,

take a moment

to remember and

to give thanks

for all of the blessings

that we so often

take for granted.

No matter where you are in life,

or what your situation is,

there is something

for which you can be thankful.

Hopefully, this Thanksgiving poem

will help you

take a moment

to give thanks

and to remind you

of what Thanksgiving is all about.

If you are not

separated from your family

on Thanksgiving,

fighting for your country,

while your family

misses you

and worries about you, give thanks.

If you are not patrolling

in a foreign country,

having to decide

whether the people around you

are friends or foes, give thanks.

If you live in a country

where men and women

are willing to put

their lives on the line

to defend your freedoms, give thanks.

If you had someone

in your life

who you loved so much,

that you fell into the depths of despair

when they passed on,

give thanks that you had

the rare honor

of knowing and loving

that special someone

who the rest of the world

will never have

the chance to know.

If you have food on the table

and clean water to drink, give thanks.

If you have a roof over your head

and a bed to sleep in, give thanks.

If you have clothing

to keep you warm

and shoes on your feet, give thanks.

If you are able to see sunsets,

smell roses,

taste chocolate,

hear babies laugh,

and touch loved ones, give thanks.

Take a moment to remember

what Thanksgiving

is truly about

and give thanks

for all of the riches

and blessings

in your life.

If you have a family and friends

who love you, give thanks.

If you are able

to spend time with them

this Thanksgiving,

consider yourself

the most blessed of all.

To all of our military men, women, and families who sacrifice so much to defend our freedoms every day, this one is for you.

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