Fun Bumblebee Craft Ideas for Children

by on May 15th, 2014
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Bumblebees are a unique and beautiful part of nature, and it is important to teach children about these fascinating insects and how they contribute to the environment. An excellent way for children to learn about bumblebees and have fun at the same time is by making an easy bumblebee craft.

Pipe Cleaner Bumblebee

Fold a 6-inch black pipe cleaner in half. Starting at the bottom, wrap a black and a yellow pipe cleaner around the folded pipe cleaner to create the striped body of your bumblebee. Once the folded pipe cleaner has been covered, bend back the ends of the folded pipe cleaner to form the antennae of your bumblebee. To complete your pipe cleaner bumblebee, glue googly eyes and yellow tissue paper wings on the body.

Bumblebee Magnet

Paint a clothespin with black and yellow stripes to create the body of your bumblebee. Leave the end that holds the clothes on the line entirely black, as that will be the bumblebee’s head. Once the body and head of your bumblebee are dry, paint eyes and a mouth with white paint. To create the wings, cut 1 inch off the circumference of a coffee filter and, scrunching the coffee filter in the middle, insert the coffee filter into the clothespin. Fold a 6-inch pipe cleaner in half and insert the pipe cleaner into the clothespin to create the antennae. Attach a self-adhesive magnet onto the back of the clothespin to complete your bumblebee magnet.

Bumblebee Pencil Topper

Lay a black pipe cleaner on a flat surface and place the eraser end of your pencil on the middle of the pipe cleaner. Wrap both ends of the pipe cleaner around your pencil until the bottom 2 inches of your pencil is entirely covered with the black pipe cleaner. The two loose ends of the black pipe cleaner will be the antennae of your bumblebee. Cut a yellow pipe cleaner in half and wrap it around the black pipe cleaner to create the striped body of your bumblebee. Glue googly eyes on the pipe cleaner body of your body to complete your bumblebee pencil topper.

Bumblebee Bookmark

Paint an entire craft stick with yellow paint. Once the yellow paint is dry, you can paint black stripes along the entire stick. Fold a 6-inch piece of black pipe cleaner in half to form the antennae of your bumblebee. Glue the pipe cleaner antennae to the back of a yellow pompom. Now glue googly eyes to the front of the pompom to form the head of your bumblebee. Glue the head of your bumblebee onto your craft stick to complete your bumblebee bookmark.

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