Five Ways to Reduce Menstual Cramps

by on December 9th, 2010
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Menstrual cramps are no fun. We all complain about them and how they hinder our daily lives. At times they can be so bad that we don’t want to move, we just want to simply stay cuddled deep down in our covers. Heating pads help some but you can’t always use one, lets find out what other things we can do to help reduce our cramping.

Watch what you are eating
When it comes down to it eating healthy can help reduce your menstrual cramps. Stay away from the sugars when on your period, eating all that chocolate that you are craving is only making you feel worse. I personally used to crave chocolate when I was on my period, but after I heard that chocolate only makes it worse it wouldnt let myself have it. Eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking lots of water will all help cut back on your cramping. Lack of water dehydrates you and only makes things worse. Think salads or steamed vegetables next time you are on your period and see if it helps you out any.

Get active
Even though you may find it hard to get up out of bed because it hurts, getting up and doing some simple exercising will help you. Studies have shown that the more active you are during your period, the less pain and cramping you will experience. Try and get at least 30 minutes if not more of cardio exercise daily. Walking around will pay off and you will be in a better mood on your period because you are not in a tone of pain. My freshman year in high school I was on the swim team, and anytime that any of us girls would be on our period we would try and get out of swim practice by using our periods as an excuse, I swim couch didn’t go for it. In the long run I’m actually glad that she didn’t though, swimming actually helped my cramping.

Natural pain killers
Over the counter pain medications not working anymore? Lets take a look at some natural pain killers that don’t involve popping pills. Focus on something besides the pain, try distracting yourself with work or your favorite movie. Also sexual activity while on your period helps tremendously, this is because orgasms cause you to release a certain chemical in your body which then leads to you having uterine contractions that help to ease pain (same concept goes for having sex when you have a head ache… Freshman health class).

Next time “Mother Nature” gives you a visit try one or all three of these helpful tips. And sometimes paying attention in health class pays of?

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