by on September 20th, 2010
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(Photos from Osiris)

The film “Weakness” explored the twists and turns of fate as Joshua Polansky (Bobby Cannavale) was affected by his family and friends. Joshua faced challenges which almost broke his spirit yet how much can one man endure.

Joshua’s life seemed comfortable as a high school teacher but suddenly changed when his wife Elizabeth (June Diane Raphael) decided to follow the swinger’s lifestyle. Topping this Joshua was forced to bring his autistic brother Pete (Keith Nobbs) home in order to take care of him. More complications followed when Joshua fell and injured his back while trying to repair his house. One thing lead to another as Elizabeth became attracted to Alejandro (Daniel Sunjata) the new handyman she hired to finish the work her husband had started.

With his life in such disorder, Joshua needed an interlude and perhaps an escape from reality by having an affair with one of his former students Danielle (Danielle Panabaker). Could Joshua have made better decisions or was this the only path he could take? Many weaknesses are revealed by the circumstances in a person’s life but each must make their own decisions.

The all-star cast is believable in their respective roles as we are drawn into the plot. It was good seeing several familiar faces especially Josh Charles who has been sizzling in love scenes with Julianna Margulies in “Good Wife”.

“Weakness”- All-Star Cast: Josh Charles- (TV’s “The Good Wife”, “S.W.A.T.”, “Four Brothers”); Former student- Danielle Panabaker (“The Crazies”, “Friday the 13th”); Wife- Elizabeth- (June Diane Raphael) (“Going the Distance”); Autistic brother- Pete (Keith Knobbs) (“The Pacific”, “Phone Booth”); Lily Rabe- (“All Good Things”, “No Reservations”)

Osiris Entertainment is now presenting “Weakness” on DVD.

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