Easy Garden Decorations – Homemade Decorative Pebble Ball

by on December 27th, 2010
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Add color and texture to your garden or outside patio room with homemade decorative pebble balls. These easy to make decorative balls take approximately one hour to complete. Collect a variety of small smooth river rocks prior to starting the project.

Things You’ll Need:

Small smooth river rocks
6-inch Styrofoam ball
Black permanent marker
Tile adhesive
Palette knife
Plastic container for mixing grout
Clean rag
Grout sealer


Step 1 – Before beginning the placement of the river rock, draw any desired shapes or lines on the Styrofoam ball.

Step 2 – Separate the small smooth river rocks by color.

Step 3 – Place a small line of tile adhesive along the drawn design. Press the desired color of small smooth river rocks along in the tile adhesive.

Step 4 – Apply small 2-inch squares of tile adhesive to the stryofoam ball throughout the gluing process. Immediately press the river rock into the tile adhesive. Move on to the next section and repeat. Allow the tile adhesive to dry completely before continuing.

Step 5 – Mix a small amount of grout according to the directions on the package. Apply the grout to the surface of the homemade pebble ball with a palette knife.

Step 6 – Wipe the excess grout from the pebble ball’s surface making sure not to dig the grout out from between each pebble. Allow the grout to dry 24 hours.

Step 7 – Paint the grout with a grout sealer according to the directions of the manufacturer.

Create multiple sizes of pebble balls to display in groupings, place them in bowls or baskets or to give them as gifts.

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