“Doctor Who: The Eye of the Jungle” by Darren Jones

by on March 7th, 2015
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Okay first I have to start out with a bit of a sob story. My iPod died recently, I was able to defibrillate it back to life, but at the cost of all my audiobooks, maybe not all but 75% of them. I had all of the 11th “Doctor Who” audiobooks and all of the Torchwood audiobooks and many more but all were lost, except for 2 “Doctor Who” books. I did manage to save some of the other books, and thanks to iTunes remembering my previous purchase I was able to re-download the audiobooks I purchased from them. So While I lost many books, I haven’t given up, and am in the process of reloading with as many of the titles I had before. It’ll be a slow process to get the ones I had planned on listening to back, but that doesn’t mean I’ll run out of books, I’ve got more and will always get more. In fact I’ve got about a 4 foot stack of audiobooks from publishers that were sent in CD format that I’ll start diving into.

Okay, so this is one of the 11th Doctor books I salvaged, and thanks to the Doctor my spirits were raised up from the loss, due to this being not only a fun “Doctor Who” story, but also a really cool sci-fi story.
This audiobook is read by David Troughton, and his performance of the book is very well done. He is able to change-up his voice perfectly between the characters and, this is important, he is able to fully represent the attitude and nuance of the 11th Doctor.

The TARDIS lands in the Amazon rainforest in the year 1827. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in the jungle near a hurriedly abandoned campsite, where they are surrounded by hungry black caiman – huge lizards. The fire in the campsite is still warm but there are no people around. Only the arrival of a man with a rifle scares off the giant beasts. The man is a big-time game hunter known as Oliver Blazington.
Blazington has come to the forest to bag big game with his companion Garrett, a naturalist, to collect exotic creatures for the London Zoo. But the Doctor soon discovers that another very different hunter is stalking the Amazon. Animals and people have been disappearing without trace, and local villagers speak darkly of ‘The Eye of the Jungle’. Amy senses that the all-seeing Eye is watching them, but she and Rory are powerless to intervene when the Doctor and the TARDIS disappear.

The Doctor discovers that the animals and people are being transported to a ship in Earth’s orbit, whereupon the occupants are collecting material to fight their war. All forms of weaponry no longer work in their war so they are splicing the creatures of Earth to create unique forms to battle their enemy. Finding the Doctor to be beyond human they soon begin to use his DNA to create other life forms. Now the Doctor, Rory & Amy have to free the Doctor, and they all must team up to stop this evil.
Once again another great audio adventure with “Doctor Who.”

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