DirecTV Customers Are Happy to Wake Up to See that Their Fox Channel is Still Working

by on February 23rd, 2011
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Yes, it is now November 1st, 2011 and if you are a DirecTV customer you may have noticed that your Fox Channels are still playing. This means if you are a fan of such shows as “Glee,” “House” or “Happy Girl” you can continue watching these shows.

Maybe you didn’t know it. But DirecTV was in a huge negotiation with Fox to continue airing their networks. This included all the Fox news and sports networks. The negotiations took ten days and they only had hours to spare before the deal was actually finalized, which would have expired at midnight.

The good news is at the end of the deal, DirecTV customers will continue to enjoy all their favorite Fox television shows. No real details have been released about the deal. However, sources have stated that Fox did get an increase in their license fees.

Sources also stated that the fact that the deal was finalized on Halloween helped to speed things up a bit. It seems even network executives have little kids at home to take trick or treating. It is nice to know that even in the world of business transactions; sometimes the family does come first.


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