Dining at Toucans Ale House in St. Petersburg, Florida

by on August 2nd, 2010
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Toucans Ale House on Bay Pines Blvd is open for business. We saw the sign painted on the windows of this new establishment. It read Good Food, so on a sat night we headed to Toucans Ale House. Toucans has sit up residence in the old Shells Seafood Restaurant building, in front of the Target Store

Entering Toucans Ale House the hostess stand is up front with several girls standing around. I can’t help but mention they look 12-13 years old. I’m sure there not. Just saying. The hostess was waiting on directions from the manager I presumed. He kept saying; give me a few minutes to sit up. We thought this odd when there were plenty of tables empty and the few taken were Toucans employees. Our hostess seated us in a nice big booth even though there were just two of us. Our waitress came with lightening speed and took our drink orders. She also informed us that all the employees got to try all the menu items the night before and they were all delicious.

We studied Toucans Ale House menu since it was our first time there. We noticed a lot of food items with the ingredient jalapeños peppers. Making it hard if you are allergic to peppers. I attempted to question the waitress about ingredients in some of their food items. Her response was a giggle and we were told it was the chef’s secret ingredient. All we wanted to know was if what we were allergic to was in the item, not to find out the chefs secret ingredient. . To be on the safe side I ordered the fried shrimp dinner at Toucans Ale House Restaurant. She said it came with two sides. I chose roasted garlic potato wedges and mixed veggies. She returned to our table and informed us that was a mistake it came with 1 side. So I kept the garlic potato wedges.

My dinner guest ordered an appetizer of beer cheese soup. He is the beer cheese expert; he’s ordered it in every restaurant that offers it. When it arrived he dove right in. He was not sure they brought him the right soup. Toucans Ale House Restaurants beer cheese soup is a dark brown, with big chunks of broccoli. He offered me a taste. He was right it had a very bitter medicinal taste to it. We pushed it aside. When the waitress returned she offered to replace it with something else. He declined. Our meals had arrived and my first thought was wow all the food on the plate is the same color. The fried shrimp looked like the batter they use at the carnival for corn dogs, a puffy batter that didn’t cling to the shrimp Sorry I just had to peel it off since I am not a corn dog fan. The shrimp was huge, and had a salty brine taste without the batter. The roasted potato garlic wedges were not wedges, but hash that had been left in the roaster to long, they had a very bitter taste like when garlic burns.

For two shrimp dinners one beer cheese soup no drinks Toucans Ale House charged extra for the potatoes wedges 2.95 Total bill including tip came to approx 35.00. I really wanted this to work out the location of Toucans Ale House Restaurant is so convenient; parking is great for lots of cars and motor homes since it shares the parking with Target. Check the link out for the menu and if you’re interested Toucans Ale House has 156 kinds of beer.

Menu items:


Toucans Ale House Restaurant

8305 Bay Pines Blvd

St Pete. Fl. 33709

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