7 Things You Didn’t Know About Incontinence

by on August 6th, 2010
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Your may be surprised to learn that incontinence is an issue that affects people of all ages, both genders, and people with varying health status. The idea that incontinence affects only the very old, ill, and bedridden is a mistaken assumption. However, even with the widespread numbers of people who are suffering from incontinence there are still many facts that are not known. Here are 7 things that you didn’t know about incontinence-

There are more incontinence products then you may be aware of-At one time patients with incontinence simply had to settle for using one kind of adult diaper. Today, there is a wide variety of incontinence products for every type and severity of incontinence. There are also incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women. In addition, to using adult diapers incontinence sufferers can choose to use incontinence undergarments that can be worn with or without incontinence pads. All of these incontinence supplies can be bought at sites that offer adult incontinence products. You need to see a doctor to determine if you have incontinence-Simply because you are spending more time in the bathroom that doesn’t mean that you have incontinence. You will need to see your health care provider in order to determine if you have incontinence and have the appropriate treatment recommended. However, with that being said if you are having any incontinence symptoms you should report them right away to your doctor. The sooner you seek medical help the faster and easier your incontinence symptoms can be resolved. What you drink can help or hurt your incontinence-You may be surprised to learn that if you are drinking a lot of water in hopes of promoting better health you may be under the impression that you have incontinence. However, you shouldn’t stop drinking water but rather monitor how much you drink. In addition, keep in mind that any caffeinated drink can make incontinence worse since caffeine is a bladder stimulant. Finally, cutting back not only on coffee and tea can help deal with incontinence but soda and chocolate drinks, as well. Not all incontinence is the same-Many people assume that if they are experiencing a loss of bladder or bowel control then they simply have incontinence. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually different types of incontinence that are caused by different factors. This makes it crucial that you get a medical diagnosis so that your doctor can prescribe the right treatment for the type of incontinence that you have. There is a wide variety of treatments when it comes to incontinence-Many people mistakenly assume that they simply have to live with their incontinence. This is not true. Today, there are more types of incontinence treatments available then ever before. If your doctor is not willing to explore options for incontinence treatment then you need to find another doctor. There are medications that can help incontinence-You may be surprised to learn that there are various medications that can help treat your incontinence. Many people assume that there is only behavioral therapy, physical therapy or surgery for incontinence treatment. Today, doctors are treating incontinence with the use of many different medications from hormones, anti depressants, and even pseudophedrine, (which is a decongestant). There is lots of information to help you deal with any part of incontinence. From finding the right incontinence product to knowing how to use them you can find information online.

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