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Can a gall stone pass through your penis?

Q:Can a gall stone pass through your penis?
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Gallstones are formed in the gastro intestinal tract.which is entirely separate from the urinary tract which empties through the penis.There is no way to pass a gallstone.
yes, and very painful. dad had gall stones and passed them. best to ask your doc to crush them with ultrasound before passing them. take care. I would have to say no. The gallbladder is part of your liver and releases extra bile into your intestines when you have eaten very fatty food or such. I have had gallbladder sugery due to a gallstone that had fallen out of my gallbladder and had blocked the duct where the pancrease and gallbladder connect.
kidney stones can, but I don't know about gall stones
Gall stones pass through the bile duct and end in the gall bladder. A kidney stone can pass through the urethra though. And they can be very painful. Blood in the urine is a common sign of a kidney stone.

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