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What is a heart fibulator?

Q:Is it like a pace maker? If it is, can you still drive an 18 wheeler with one? And can you be around microwaves and cell phones? thanks for your answers
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fibulator is a pacemaker. they work when your heart slows down. a de-fibulator is to slow down your heart when it speeds up. my father has no problem being around microwaves and cell phones like a normal person but not to much. he does not stand next to one for 10 minutes or anything like that plus you are not to drive for the first week at all.after that it depends on your health and your doctor
It keeps your heart beating at a steady,regular pace....as for the electronics i'm not sure ask a doctor or Google it.
A defibrillator is used to shock an irregularly beating heart (arrhythmia) back into a normal rhythm.It is up to your physician whether or not he/she recommends you continue working as a driver.You will need to check with your cardiologist about the restrictions you need to comply to regarding microwaves, etc...some machines have different precautions than others.
It is called a AICD (Automatic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator). They are in planted in people that have a tendency to go into ventricular fibrillation. think of it like the device that Paramedic's shock people with when they are in cardiac arrest.They are safe around cell phones, microwaves etc. You will have to check on the truck driving regulations.
it's actually called a cardiac defibrillator. it is a device that is implanted into the chest wall and has a wire that goes in to 1 or 2 of the lobes of the heart (depending on the type) it is for people who have been diagnosed with ventricular fibrillation, a deadly cardiac rhythm. this device detects when the heart goes into ventricular fibrillation and will shock the heart causing it to stop briefly and restart. this triggers the heart to "re-set" and will hopefully allow the natural heart rhythm (also known as Normal Sinus Rhythm) to take over. without this device, they would die. Only a doctor would be able to tell if the person can resume every activity depending on the severity of the condition and how often the defibrillator "fires" microwaves and cell phones have no effect on defibrillators. Hope this helps. it fibulates the heart
Its a shock cart, and its called cardiac defibulator, it shocks your heart to get it started again., it keeps track of how fast your heart beats, and your pulse! If you are standing next to a microwave it will pick up the frequencies of the microwave. just be careful

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