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You guys ever notice...?

Q:So when you're having sex or jerking off have you guys ever noticed that when you go too fast, not really focusing on lasting long, and don't even wait for pre-come that you don't really feel "empty"...like you feel like you still have some stuff to get out and it's kinda uncomfortable?
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sorry, can't say i've felt that before or even heard of it happening to anyone.
i haven't noticed because i usually take it slow and c-u-m fully to empty my b-a-l-l-s of semen. cheers!
yep, if you pay attention you get a better orgasm and you dont feel funny afterward
HELL YEAH! And I thought I was special, thanks.
Most men do not bother about the sexual pleasure or orgasm of their female partners. Lot of foreplay should be done, to drench the vagina and penis with pre-c*m. After this actual intercourse should take place. YES!!about half way you almost have to ***

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