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Is my air purifier making me sick?

Q:seems like everytime i use it with the ion thingy and all, seems like it makes my asthma worst. is it just a coincidence? and does it release ozone or something. i dont know help!
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The health benefits of negative ion machines are debatable because some may produce ozone as they operate. Ozone isn't a healthful constituent of air and high concentrations of it can irritate lungs and make breathing difficult."Ozone is beneficial in the upper atmosphere where it protects the Earth from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, but you don't want it in your living room or sleeping area."Choose air purifier with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters. Air is forced through screens containing microscopic pores, which remove all airborne particles above a very small size. HEPA filters work very well for people who have allergies to pollen, dust, or other particulates and to those who live with smokers or in smoggy urban areas.
There are some air cleaners on the market that simply generate ozone. Ozone will not clean air, it is a strong oxidizing agent and it is unhealthy to breath it in, in high concentrations. This is the reason on some smog days when the ozone levels are high, they warn people with respiratory problems to stay inside. If your air cleaner is producing ozone, then that is really really bad for the lungs. Like I said the sad part is that it does no good, only harm. You need a HEPA filter like from filtrete. You can get them now at Target and the replacement filters are reasonably priced. One other thing you can do to kill bacteria, mold, and fungus is to get a hepa air filter that uses UV-C light. Check out Ebay there are many there. UV-C light works.
The air purifier is suppose to clean your air. Maybe the purifier you are using is not what it should be or your filter needs to be changed. I have a nine year old and I got a purifier. The house that we moved into was so dusty that it filled my filter weekly. Maybe you need a bigger one. After I upgrade she has had no problems

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