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So if two people without STDs only have sex with each other, they will never get an STD?

Q:Is that right?
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technically - no
That is correct. STDs aren't randomly generated.However.Some STDs take a long time to show symptoms (drastic example: HIV to AIDS), so just because neither of you KNOW you have an STD doesn't mean you're safe. However if neither person has ever had sex before then you are safe. Hence the idea of waiting till you get married to have sex...the only sure prevention for STDs. if both are monogomous (how ever you spell it) and no one uses IV drugs and no one already has something and doesn't yet know about it, then yes!
no that is not true it depends how long they have been together. an std can take up to a year to expose itself and hiv 10 years so the person may be negitive now but in a few months he/she may be positive it depends on the person he/she was with before you remember the saying " the person you are with may have been with 10 ppl before you so, that means you were with those 10 ppl too"
Herpes can be transmitted by a casual hello kiss
That is correct as long as neither engages in activities that spread STD's with those that do. For example, sharing needles for drug use can spread AIDS.
Sexually Transmitted Disease "is not" exclusively transmitted by having Sexual Relations. That is just one means of making infectious contact. It may or may not be the only way. This depends on the disease.
Monogamy is a good way not to catch an STD. Know the person's medical history. Unless it's a bloodborne illness like AIDS, HPV, HIV, herpes etc.(because with these diseases it may take years to "see" the symptoms), you will not catch an STD.
That is basically true. But you and your partner have to be truthful with each other on if you have ever had sex with some other than them. By that I mean, you are only having sex with them and they with you, and have never had anyone else. Then if you or your partner does drugs, you need to be aware of shared IV's. Even though you are not having intercourse with someone who you shared an IV with, they may have an STD and can possibly spread it to you. Hope that helps.
You have it.
Long as they being honest to each other. You are right.
True, any disease they get will not be sexually transmitted
As long as they are not exposed to an STD in any other way (some are not only sexually transmitted)...however the risk would be pretty darned low...Never say "never"...
yes that is absolutley right
Yes you are correct but only if they remain faithful to each other.
u dont get stds but you get other common diseases
I've thought about that before...you're not alone. ^_^
Don't you know you can get crabs from sitting on a toilet seat. That is an STD is it not
depend on if you know you dont have STD! but if you dont then you probley both wont get it! but it doesn't mean you will never get! but if you have sex again with someone else you could get STD!
no if you only have sex with each other if either of you sleep around there is a chance.. common sense says no
You could still get an STD (even though it means Sexually Transmitted Disease) from other ways than sexual contact. For an example, you can get AIDS from using a used needle or any other form of bodily fluid contact.
Sort of. There are some social problems that can be picked up off a toilet seat. Crabs and fleas picked up in such a way can be carriers of some STD's.For the most part you are correct in the assumption.
They'd also have to be IV drug-free, and not in need of blood transfusions.
That's right.
well, that's that's how it's suppose to work, but you can catch disease from IV drug use so as long as your both not spanking up hard core drugs and sharing needles you should be cool...

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