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chest xray showed density, possible nipple shadow?

Q:i was just in er a few nights ago with abdominal pain, which they thought was an ulcer, but my pancreatic duct was mildly dilated, but i got a letter in the mail sayiing the xray showed a 1.1 cm density that was probably a nipple shadow? anyone ever heard of this or know a site i can go to ask questions, i dont have a dr appt till next week, thanks
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This is very common. What happened was on your film, there was a small density (white area) in your lungfields. Lungs normally appear black on an xray. White areas in the lungfields can be numerous things (mass, fluid, nipples) Since the nipples are thicker density than the rest of the breast, they appear whiter on a film. When the nipples lie at just the right level of the lungs, they can be confused with a mass. Odds are, your nipple was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The doctor will want a repeat xray just to be sure. I'm sure you will be OK.
I agree with the other two answers but want to offer my suggestion to look on Google or on WebMD. Both offer good stuff about these sorts of things. It is better to be overly cautious with a "density" in the lung and have the addl x-ray. My brother's doc found a nodule on a routine x-ray that turned out to be a slow-growing cancer. He had it removed and they expect full recovery. Oh, and he has quit smoking as well.
it means that the density seen in your chest xray is probably caused by a projection of your nipple, simulating a nodule in the xray. About the dilation of the pancreatic duct it requires further investigation, see your doc. did it say that the density was very opaque? or translucent? if it's opaque, i wouldn't think that it's a nipple shadow -- this is just a skin, it appears translucent on the film.. so is the breast.

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