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Fever is jumping from 101 with children's motrin to 103 three hours after the motrin.. heartbeat is around 125

Q:Fever is jumping from 101 with children's motrin to 103 three hours after the motrin.. heartbeat is around 125
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Hi CatzzIf you keep plenty of fluids in her then she'll be fine. Fevers are actually beneficial because the body is trying to kill an infection. Despite what people say here dont give her any drugs because that surpresses the issue. That will cause other serious ailments later. Again Plenty of water and she'll be fine. Good warm bath and lots of rest..Best of health to both of you.Cheers
I don't know how old the child is, but I know with my 1st, I found myself taking her to the ER way more often than necessary. When my daughter was about 6 months old she had a fever of like 104.3 or something, I don't remember the exact temp; anyhow, when I took her to the ER all they did was something I could have just as easily done at home which was 1 gave her Motrin and Tylenol, 2 fever reducers and 2 had me wipe her down constantly with a wet rag with an icecube inside of it until her fever broke.
Hey, you can't play with fevers. You know beyond the motrin you can try to eleviate some of the symptoms by doing like a cool sponge bath. Also, it could be onset of some cold. B/4 giving dosage.. Just check with the doctor or the back b/c you dont wnat to overdose the child. Also, I would wonder are there some other thing going on.. How old is the child? Have felt the pulse in 1 minute. to verify that it is 125.. It appears a bit fast if this is an older child.Although children have higher pulse rates than adults. Also, are you noticing any labored breathing or hyperventilation or hypoventilation.. If all else fails contact the child's doctor. or take to the ER if fever is persistent without any explainable reason .
My daughter always had high temperatures that were difficult to control. We would alternate acetaminophen and ibuprofen (tylenol and motrin/advil) so that there was never a time when one or the other wasn't working at full strength.Even though she would complain, we would use a warm wet facecloth and keep patting at her to help reduce her temperature (sort of the way the body naturally uses sweat to cool down).The one time I thought I would let the fever just run (let nature take its course) her fever spiked so quickly that she had a febral seizure which was the most terrifying thing I ever saw although it left her with no long term problems.A fever is a scary thing and you do not say the age of your child which is a major factor in this. My daughter was 3 when she had the seizure. Don't just listen to us, listen to your gut instinct. You know whether or not you need to go to the ER.PS One thing I learned is that the fever reducers are better at keeping a temperature down that is already under control rather than actually bringing a high temperature down (at least that was always true with my daughter). ANother thing is to run a lukewarm bath and put your child in it and then out again, Keep repeating but not to the point where they shiver 'cos that's just counter productive. Again, they tend to protest but it does help to bring the temperature down.The bath technique is what the paramedics did with my daughter after she had the seizure due to the sudden rise in temperature.
Take your child to the doctor, perhaps to the ER this evening. A climbing fever can be dangerous, especially if it does not respond to a fever reducer.
You're asking Yahoo and not taking him to a doctor or the emergency room??
I would go to the doctor/ER soon. You can also safely give your child Tylenol 2 hours after giving the Motrin. Hope your child feels better soon.

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