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Does anyone know anything about "head noise"? And it isn't tenitous.?

Q:This is a very high pitched noise that comes from the center of the head. It changes from day to day in intensity and volume. One day there can be no noise, the next blasting. Seems to come on after sleep or go away after sleep. Some days low in volume and other days, so loud that an ipod at full blast can't drown it out. No, there is no tumor found...nothing out of the ordinary in tests.has anyone heard of anything like this?Is it safe to perform HVPC on
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check out your nasal passage.or go and see an eyes ears and nose specialist doctor. sounds to me like you have a blockage or something in your nasal canal thats not working correctly.
This doesn't sound like Tinnitus.Neither does it sound like any other head noise that is usually associated with common illnesses.Perhaps your family doctor could consider referring you to a neurologist. It might be a reasonable thing to do special angiography of the blood vessels of the brain.
See a doctor.

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