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What are the sympyoms of an ulcer?

Q:What are the sympyoms of an ulcer?
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Please see the webpage for more details on Ulcer. An ulcer can be formed any where in the body. Since your question is not specific, the reply can be furnished. If the question is related to Peptic ulcer, the details of symptoms are given as follows:-Symptoms:-Abdominal pain is a common symptom but it may not always be present. The abdominal pain from peptic ulcers can differ a lot from person to person. For example, the pain may get better or worse after eating a meal.Other possible symptoms include:Nausea, vomiting Weight loss Fatigue Heartburn, indigestion, belching Chest pain Vomiting blood Bloody or dark tarry stools It is important to note that you may have no symptoms at all from an ulcer
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Symptoms of a peptic ulcer can be:Abdominal pain, classically epigastric with severity relating to mealtimes (duodenal ulcers are classically relieved by food, while gastric ulcers are exacerbated by it); Bloating and abdominal fullness Waterbrash (bitter regurgitation) Nausea, and sometimes vomiting Loss of appetite and weight loss; Hematemesis (vomiting of blood); Melena (tarry, foul-smelling feces due to oxidised iron from hemoglobin); Rarely, an ulcer can lead to a gastric or duodenal perforation. This is extremely painful and requires immediate surgery. A history of heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and use of certain forms of medication can raise the suspicion for peptic ulcer. Medicines associated with peptic ulcer include NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) that inhibit cyclooxygenase, and most glucocorticoids (e.g. dexamethasone and prednisolone).In patients over 45 with more than 2 weeks of the above symptoms, the odds for peptic ulceration are high enough to warrant rapid investigation by EGD (see below).The timing of the symptoms in relation to the meal may differentiate between gastric and duodenal ulcers: A gastric ulcer would give epigastric pain during the meal, as gastric acid is secreted, or after the meal, as the alkaline duodenal contents reflux into the stomach. Symptoms of duodenal ulcers would manifest mostly before the meal — when acid (production stimulated by hunger) is passed into the duodenum.Mouth ulcerThe symptoms preceding the ulcer may vary according to the cause of the ulcerative process.Some mouth ulcers may begin with a tingling or burning sensation at the site of the future mouth ulcer. In a few days, they often progress to form a red spot or bump, followed by an open ulcer. Sometimes this takes a little bit longer, depending on the cause of the ulcer.The mouth ulcer appears as a white or yellow oval with an inflamed red border. Sometimes a white circle or halo around the lesion can be observed. The grey, white, or yellow coloured area within the red boundary is due to the formation of layers of fibrin, a protein involved in the clotting of blood. The ulcer, which itself is often extremely painful, especially when agitated, may be accompanied by a painful swelling of the lymph nodes below the jaw, which can be mistaken for toothache
A gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen between the breastbone and the navel. The pain is usually worse a couple of hours after a meal or in the middle of the night when the stomach is empty. Nausea Vomiting Loss of appetite Loss of weight Tiredness (a symptom of a bleeding ulcer) Weakness (a symptom of a bleeding ulcer) Blood in vomit or stool. When blood is in the stool, it appears tarry or black (symptom of a bleeding ulcer).
stomach pain, and sometimes coughing up blood.

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