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My 4 year old was just diagnosed with Scoliosis.?

Q:IS there any really good informative web sites I can read up on?Has anyone ever had a close realative at this age or any child have scoliosis and what was the treatment,severity,and outcome?? Please
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take her to a 2nd dr. i just went thru this last year with my son. his dr said he had it. we went and had him go to a specialist and they said no. plus make sure she has a very firm bed. kids at that age can grow how they lay. so if bed isnt worth crap. there is exercise she can do if its not to bad too. you didnt say where your at. im in tn and have one of the top hospitals for kids. (vanderbilt children hospital). you can do a search on their web site. they have a place on site just for scoliosis. good luck and be sure to do lots of research.
i got it myself, there are many exercises that can help with the condition. i'm 32 now and i can tell you it hasn't really affected me at all. I am sorry to hear about your son I wish him all but good health in the future here is a website that may help.good luck.http://www.scoliosis.com/explore.cfm/gettingstarted/
You are fortunate in a way that it was seen now. Most kids get diagnosed at age 11-14. There are a number of things that can be done. Surgery is a choice when the others are not giving proper results. The people that I know who have had surgery have had the fusion of multiple vertebrae. This stops the progression at that location, but it is one that left them on their back for an extended period of time and in a cast for several months. Long term outcomes depend on the person and the amount of fusion that was done, but you can expect problems above and below the fusion area to develop later in life. Surgery of this sort will not be an option for your son at this time.The bracing and body jackets have come a long way in the last number of years. This is one place to look at this point. The aim is to keep the spine as straight as possible so that it doesn't grow up "bent".There are a number of exercises that can be done to strengthen the back muscles to hold the back straight.The biggest thing is to help keep your son's spine mobile and to encourage him to stand straight.If scoliosis is properly taken care of, you can expect a normal life with less pain and mobility issues than otherwise.All of this information is available from your doctor, physiotherapist or orthotist. http://www.niams.nih.gov/hi/topics/scoliosis/scochild.htm

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