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What causes choking everytime I eat.?

Q:The food seems to go down the wrong "pipe" even though I carefully chew.. I even choke on liquids.
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you need to get it checked out by a doctor, they can do a test called a cookie swallow to see why you are having trouble. good luck.
sounds like an 'esophogeal' problem,you should consult an ENT, as difficultyswallowing should always be investigated
It could be barrets esophagus? My grandma had this and she had trouble swallowing. They did a scope to confirm (no cancer), and medication and a small procedure made a big difference.
Please see the webpage for more details on swallowing difficulty. Consult an ENT specialist.
call a doctor.
U need a swallow evaluation be 4 u end up with aspiration pneumonia. Go see a dr soon.
This used to happen to me, and I heard from a health professional that it was due to stress, but your case sounds quite serious so I would recommend you seek a doctor's advice.

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