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I have white spots on my toenails, what could cause this and can I cure it.?

Q:white spots, flaking
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You have being very nervous,the body reacted,and white spot appears on your nail.or mineral deficiencies..eat spinach and some seafood.
I agree with Axel on this one, this sounds like the work of demons. Drink lots of holy water as a temporary solution but find an exorcist as soon as possible.
i have heard that a calcium deficiency can cause white to appear on fingernails, but i'm not sure about toenails. Try drinking more milk and eating cheese?
white spots on nails is usually from a sickness or something being wrong.
You have alien worm fungus growing under your nails. They are boring around under your nails and what you see is their path. Soon your nails will turn strange colors and if not treated soon enough larvae will erupt from your toes and scream at you while sticking little blue tongues out at you.
White spots and flaking on your toenails sounds like toenail fungus to me. This is an extremely difficult fungus to treat sometimes. There are over-the-counter medications you can buy, and that's where I would start if I were you. These medications are liquids that you paint into the affected nails kind of like nail polish. If they don't seem to do the trick, see your doctor for a prescription anti-fungal (which should be a last resort as anti-fungal medications can have some pretty bad side effects).Incidentally, it's a myth that white spots on nails are caused by a calcium deficiency. If you JUST had white spots, it would be more likely they were caused by trauma to the nail (a whack on the nailbed or an aggressive manicure, e.g.). But flaking is definitely a symptom of nail fungus, and I'm pretty sure that's what you are dealing with, unfortunately! Good luck!
It's most likely the beganningof a fungus infection. You sssshould see a doctor for treatment.If not try soaking with elpson salts in hot water or hot water with a small amount of bleach and salt.
spots could be a deficiency of some kind or a fungus. If they're lines then it could be heavy metal poisoning. If your worried about it have someone check it out.
You are obviously possessed by a demon, you need an exorcism or your entire body will turn into a giant flaking white spot.
Maybe you gave you're toenail a bonk! Did something fall on it?It might just grow out when the nail gets longer.

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