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pancreatic duct mildly dilated?

Q:i just had an er visit in which they sent me a letter saying my pancreatic duct was mildly dilated, i had pain in my abdomen and they said it was an ulcer... but the letter after an ultrasound was done shown the pancreatic duct was mildly dilated...the nurse said if it bothers me anymore to go to the doctor and have an mrcp done, has anyone ever heard of this?
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ok now the pain in your case was due to ulcer so hope you are on acid neutralising drugs. now if your pain is in central abdomen severe and radiating to your back it may be due to pancrease. so if usg has said only mildly dialated not to worry at present. but do the following- 1 stop drinking alcohol and smoking toxic to pancrease 2 take u r drug for ulcer 3 take mild easy digestable food for few days 4 pain arises consult u r doc immediately MRCP is a mri scan to show details about pancreas
MR-CP is the modern way of ERCP. which helps to visualise the pancreatic duct. But its not a real indication to have it done in mild dilatations. and Ultrasound is a subjective technique. its more important to nake your pain clear. go and see a gastrolog. Yes, I also have a mildly dilated pancreatic duct. It shouldn't be a problem unless it gets much worse. What causes it? Any illness you may have had, or infections. It is only dangerous if the duct is very dilated according to my doctor.

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