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Causes and cures for dark circles under the eyes plz?

Q:Causes and cures for dark circles under the eyes plz?
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This may be a genetic disorder, especially if you are a Panda bear
Lack of iron or lack of sleep, even both. Take iron pills or eat more red meat and get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.
I have dark circles also, i have heard that allergies can cause this. I have had them for as long as i can remember i don't think there is really anything to make them go away. Somedays mine are worse than others, the only thing i do is use consealer.
go to bed earlier, and by yourself
eye cicles are often aused by tiredness or lack of iron resulting in tiredness so the best thing to do is take a tonic or tablet form supplement such as vivioptal but for a better result use one with ginseng
Usually caused by lack of sleep, the eyes go black because the skin under them is particularly sensitive conpared to the rest of your face.Someone I used to know sued to rub Anusol (Piles cream) under his eyes before bed, and swore it made his eyes fresher by morning, but if you try this please don't come back to me if you go blind.The best thing I find is a week of early nights. Sure its a waste of good time, but you'll feel great by the end of the week!
all of the above!
too much drink, not enough sleepless drink, more sleep
sleep deprivation, getting a black eye - causes.solution - stop doing drugs, protect your face, get some sleep, use tobacco leaf to absorb color.
Soak cotton wool pads with Witch Hazel. Place on closed eye-lids for five minutes as you lay down. It can work.
cause, lack of sleep, anemia,cure, iron tablets, sleep or body shop 'lightening touch'
Sometimes can be caused by dehydration so drink lots of water. Often (like mine) it's genetic so you just have to put up with them!

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