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How do I remove spider eggs from under my skin?

Q:I slept outside and now a spider laid some eggs in a sore on my neck. I can feel them moving. No doctors. What can I do?
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you HAVE to get a doctor! i guess cut them out but then u will bleed just let them in there cuz it is weirdhave a great day
you are disgusting no doctors?? i think ur gonna need a doctor unless u chop ur neck off..
try wart remover get to a doc or cut them out.. i aint eva sleeping outside again
No doctor huh? Try using a razor and Cut them out. Then pour some alcohol in the wound to sterilize it. Good Luck. Ew. i think i just puked a little in my mouth. youre makin me itch dude
You are in trouble unless you go to the Dr.. Texas is full of poisonous critters. I live here but would rather be home. there is no spider known to man that lays eggs inside a host. their are however flies and other insects do. if your serious you need to find a physician but u do not have spiders inside of you my friend. sounds like some sci-fi sh*t to me.
GO 2 THE HOSPITAL I HEARD THEY HAVE THESE PPL THERE THAT KNOW HOW TO GO ABOUT REMOVING THOSE , UMMMMMMMMM I THINK THEY CALL THEM UHHHHHHH DOCTORS! I think if you can afford to have a computer and Internet services, your surely can afford a doctor.
I know for a fact spiders like pudding.here's a good recipe, http://www.barbecue-online.co.uk/barbecue-recipes/desserts/bbq_desserts_warm_cherry_pudding_with_cherry_juice_sauce_recipe.htmhmmmmm, cherries.My suggestion find yourself a bowl and fill it with the delicious the "Warm Cherry Pudding with Cherry Juice Sauce", that you have just lovingly made.Partially submerge your head in the bowl. The spiders will smell the delicious Warm Cherry Pudding with Cherry Juice Sauce. To them the scent is irresistible. They will be driven to find it's source, they will be out of your body quicker then you can say, "Bob's your uncle", they cannot resist pudding, let alone delicious"Warm Cherry Pudding with Cherry Juice Sauce ".
if yall obviously read this dudes previous questions you will see how dumb he really is. How do you know there spider's eggs? They could be inplanted alien beings that lay in your sore festering
Lance the sore you are a charictor cut the sore off and spray gasoline in it
let them hatch. it will be the closest thing you'll ever have to children um, no doctors? atleast call one to see what you could do yourself but you really need to go to a doc NOW!

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