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can carotid artery stenosis cause sciatica nerve pain?

Q:i was told that i am experiencing sciatica nerve pain; already diagnosed with blockage of carotid arteries and was told a piece of thrombus may have broken off and subsequently caused pressure on the sciatic nerve. is this possible?
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A thrombus breaking off in your carotid artery will travel into your brain and cause a stroke. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve in your buttock region, formed by union of multiple nerves roots originating from the lumbar spine, and under normal physiologic conditions will not be affected in any way by a thrombus in the carotid artery. Sciatic nerve pain is usually caused by a compressive lesion (i.e. a disc herniation in the lumbar spine). In order for a thrombus to go from the carotid artery to the buttocks, it must first flow down your neck (against the flow of blood), into you aorta, and into your pelvis. Even then, it will not compress or cause "pressure" on anything since it will stay lodged inside a branch artery and obstruct it. no.
Not likely. If a piece of the blockage broke off from the carotid, it would likely have caused a stroke since it would have had to go through your head to get down to the point where it could have put pressure on your sciatic nerve.
No. They are completely unrelated. If a piece of thrombus were to break off, you'd have more problems than sciatic pain. A broken piece of thrombus could go to your brain causing an embolic stroke, to your lungs causing pulmonary embolus (potentially fatal), your heart (heart attack) or legs (DVT)
HAVE never heard of this myself.
I have no idea how that could happen. If part of the clot breaks off from the carotid, it's going to remain in the circulatory system, and not impinge on the sciatic nerve.I'm an operating room RN, and in 7 years have never seen sciatic nerve pain caused by a loose clot travelling from elsewhere in the body. Typically, sciatic nerve pain is caused by a herniated disc, or spinal stenosis.
The Cartoid Artery is in the side of your neck. (When someone cuts Your Throat -Thats what they cut)That blockage would have landed in your brain.Your scatica nerve is a nerve . that goes from your back to your Leg. Sounds impossible for that to have happened.( But What do I know ? I'm Not a Doctor .Hon seek another opinion.

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