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Does MRSA staph stay dormant and for how long?

Q:My son's friend and his girlfriend had it very bad about 6-8 mos ago. My son is moving in with this couple and I'm worried that he can eventually become infected.
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MRSA bacteria can spread from an infected person to another person during prolonged skin to skin contact. It can also be transferred by an infected person to commonly shared objects (towels,doorknobs,light switches,ect.) and then to any person woth touches that object. MRSA bacteria are bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics, there is no period of dormancy. Either the bacteria are there or aren't. People who have become infected with this type of bacteria, need to clean their house often and well (the most inexpensive disinfectant is Bleach). If the individuals have completed a course of ABX and MRSA bacteria are no longer present, and they have cleaned their house, your son should be okay. However, he should be advised to use his own "everything", wash his hands, or use antibacterial gel before and after touching everything. For more info., contact the Center for Disease control website.
your son has a chance of MRSA anywhere he goe's. same for anyone else. it doesn't matter if someone had it 18 months ago. MRSA is found everywhere. even in your own home. good luck.
Well, it IS possible. Community acquired MRSA is on the rise. Unless the couple had 3 negative culture reports each, they can still be considered contaminated. MRSA is opportunistic. It may wait on the skin and if it come into contact with an open wound or a warm moist opening (irritated throat, vaginal infection or even a pimple that opens, it then invade the body through the opening.This couple may be entirely negative (completely cured), or not. But your son is at risk fro aquiring MRSA with a visit to a doctor's office, a visit to a hosital or even (remotely) from community contact.My best advise is to encourage him to educate himself about this staph infection, the signs and symptoms, chance of occurence and then talk to his friend and the girlfriend. In the end, the decision is his to make. Your job is to make sure he makes an educated decision.Good luck.

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