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Are there any side effects of Mastubation??

Q:Look here is my frnd who mastubates too much so he is askin this question!
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no side effects.u dnt hv anything to lose after all.jst dnt get obsessed by the urge..once a day is ok but if ur like 8-10times a day then its surely gonna create a mental thing where u jst disrespect women by treating them as sex objects.
When you replace masturbation for a woman then you have a serious psychiatric problem and probably need some counseling. If your just relieving anxiety or built up frustrations, that's O.K. A doctor will tell you it's good to relieve yourself, it helps the prostate gland, stave's off infection but, it's not a replacement for a female. I know your youngsters and your worried but, everyone does it, even women. Don't you have sex education in school?
No side effects.But it's better if you don't overdo (unnecessarily!)N don't do it for the sake of doin it ;)Go ahead when u get excitedYou know your body . so listen to it .
Your hand could fall off!
Yes, hair will start growing on the palm of his hand.He better stop now, or every one will know what he has been doing.
Blisters, pre mature ejaculation, severe low sperm count , permanent limp, sore wrist , rsi ,
Blindness, loss of hair and the inability to spell masturbation correct. Your friend has at least one of the three!

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