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Low blood pressure?

Q:How low is this? I had a high reading of 104 and a low reading of 46. Yes, really! 46. How low is 104/46 ?
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i'm assuming when you say "high" reading of 104, you are referring to the "top" or systolic number? and the "low" reading is your "bottom" or diastolic number? if that is the case, you need to make an appointment with your doctor. if you have been ill lately, it is possible that you are dehydrated, and pushing fluids will solve the problem. either way, you definitely need some bloodwork. go ahead and push fluids until you can see the doctor, that will help a little bit. are you checking your BP with a battery powered monitor? or is a friend checking it manually? if you know someone who can check it for you manually, that would be the most accurate.BTW, "normal" is around 120/70.
that's extremely low.i've never heard of a person who had that low diastolic pressure..d lowest a person can have is 50u need 2 consult a physician
Please see the webpage for more details on Blood pressure-low. Well, that's low, but you aren't going to pass out or anything. Problably don't have a lot of energy though.

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