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whats good for ezcema?

Q:Can't really afford prescription medications, so any suggestions OTC or home remedies?
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Outside of prescription creams, add tea tree oil to a liquid soap to bathe in, and also add tea tree oil to your body lotion. You will see a difference ! Use 1.0 cortizone cream, after that soaks in, use the tea tree oil lotion. The best lotion IMO is Glysomed, add tea tree oil to that. It's the BEST non-prescition treatment I know. Source(s):I used to work in a lab that developed skin products.
Triamcinolone is a low/medium strength topical steroid that works good for eczema. It is a prescription but is generic and a one pound jar that will last forever only costs about 20 bucks at Costco pharmacy.
A friend of mine has a daughter with that. ALOT of lotion.
corn husker's lotion. it looks kinda gross but it works wonders
i've been dealing with exzema for the last 16 years, and i have found the you must use shower gel with extra moisterizing properties and i also find that you must keep you skin well hydrated, stay out of the sun , and do everything you can do to keep your body cool. try baby lotion. make sure that you rinse your body off in cool water after a hot shower. heat and hot water cause iritation and itching.
aquaphor I've lived with it all my life. Fluocinonide Cream 0.05% is the very best and will clear up eczema in a day! But it's a prescription. I have never seen anything work that comes over the counter. You could try St. Ives intensive healing cream. That would be your best bet.
Bag Balm. Works great!

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