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Having a really bad headache right now...?

Q:I've had this headache now since 2:00pm (its now 5:15pm)I took 3 advils and laid down for a bit then took a cool bath.I'm sick of having a headache but the worst is not knowing when I'm going to get one.The headache is in my forehead, from the middle out to the temples. I'm in pain and I'm annoyed.Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
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You have to find the 'trigger' that gives you these migrainesthey sound the same as mine, but may not be the same triggeryou have to keep a food diary, everything you eat. EVERYTHING, including snacks has to go in the diaryusually my trigger food gives me migraine about 12/24 hrs after, but I know something is wrong after about 5 hrsTablets are like taking smarties, I ended up nearly overdosing on them with no relief from painIt took about 4 years for me to realise my trigger, but take heart, it may be the same one for you.Have you heard of Phenylananine and Aspartame?look up the latter on the net!it is sweetner (nutrasweet) and in all low sugar stuff, on pop bottles Phennylananine is in BOLD print, I wonder why?it takes 1 month to clear this stuff from your system. give it a try, you have nothing to lose.I sincerely hope this is the cause of your problem and you can get better fron it, when I get a bad one I lose 24hrs, I go almost unconscious and do not eat (can not) or drink during this period.A cool bath works well for me, but I get in while it is as hot as I can stand, then I wait until it is stone cold, I have all lights off and curtains drawn. Try vodka
its sinuses, and or allergy also drink plenty of water and rest.
If you have them regularly, see a doctor. For now try to get a comfortable spot in a cool ,dark, room ~~~ hopefully away from noise. Focus on something in you "mind's eye",and try to relax. I really do hope you feel better!
You may have high blood pressure so go see your doctor.
have you missed any meals. if you this can cause headaches and the fact that it is summer time you need to drink more water. This was what the doctor told my niece that was having really bad headaches.
I would see the doctor to see if it is a migraine headache. I believe that they can treat those once they are diagnosed.
get into a drak room if the headache dose not let up and you start feeling out of sorts, slurred speech, numbness your having a stroke call 911 get to the er and let them check you out. please the heat dosent help but for your own sake and peice of mine please go and get checked out. dont let yourself be in that much pain.
try caffeine-
rub your temples next to your eyes in a circular motion both ways it loosens up the blood vessels there
Well, do you know why you have a headache? Some headaches are triggered by stress. I know that everytime I stress I always get a headache. It is good to take advil but not so many of them because they are non-steriod anti flammatory pills. If you take a lot of them they can erode your stomach lining and with stress may cause a possible ulcer. The best thing to do I would suggest is to take one pill and if that doesn't work then just rest or go see a doctor. It seems odd that a headache would last for so long. There may possibly be something wrong but I can't say anything much because I am not a doctor.
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All of the above. If it is a migraine ordinary analgesics won't work, you need proper prescription medicine from a Doctor.Jules, Australia.
It's a migraine probably, unless you get them at least once a week, then they may be a cluster headache, but you wouldn't be able to type if you had a cluster headache. Or do anything really. Cover your eyes with a cloth, go into a room that is as dark as possible, close the door and try to get some sleep in a sound and light free environment.
it may also be a sinus headache. How are your sinuses doing? Are they clogged up? I have headaches strictly in my forehead, and the best thing that I've found that works for me is Excederin Extra Strength. It's in a green bottle......good stuff. Hope you feel better soon.
Have you been evaluated for headaches from you doctor? Maybe itis a Migraine,? there are all kinds of headaches,you just have to work with them to figure out and then find a way to treat it
Sometimes a tablespoon of peanut butter helps.
I am 28, a wife, mother of four, full time worker, & college student. I was having that problem & I found out two things that REALLY shocked me. 1. I have high blood pressure:High blood pressure (hypertension) High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition in which the force of blood against artery walls is too strong. Over time, high blood pressure can damage the arteries, heart, and kidneys and can lead to heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure can be treated effectively with lifestyle changes and medications that can reduce the risk of complications.Blood pressure readings consist of an upper number and a lower number (such as 120 over 90 or 120/90). The upper number is systolic blood pressure; the lower number is diastolic blood pressure. Blood pressure readings are measured in units called millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Normal blood pressure is 119 mm Hg systolic over 79 mm Hg diastolic or below.A person has high blood pressure (hypertension) when either or both of the following are present:The top number (systolic) is 140 mm Hg or higher. The bottom number (diastolic) is 90 mm Hg or higher. 2.STRESSEven when it seems like all is well. You will be surprised on how your daily life routines can weigh you down. Go and get yourself checked out. When I did my pressure was 144/90. I take medicine every day now to regulate it. So take care of yourself & get checked out. I might not be this but dont wait around trying to figure out what it could be. Get medical advice. :)
Drink a bottle of Gatorade, it works for me.
Drink a soda . . if that doesn't work switch it up to better pain killers... (Vicoden, Pot, etc). If all that doesnt work take some OTC allergy med's . . they drain fluid from the ear & nasal cavaties & help relieve pressure . . . .good luck . . headaches suckkkkkkk
try rubbing your feet. i know it sounds crazy but try it. other things are caffeine, sleep, coffee, if its a migraine, you might have some "acheiness" behind one or both eyes, if you do get a migraine headache pain reliever for future headaches.
Have you eaten anything today? I get those kind of headaches (from the symptoms you described) when my blood sugar is low, I'm hypoglycemic. Or you might be dehydrated, lack of water can cause horrible headaches. Hope you feel better.
Sleep well
Try Sudafed. It seems you might have a sinus headache.

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