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Should I go back to the doctor or wait it out?

Q:I have an ear infection in both ears. I have been on antibiotics for 31/2 days now. The fluid in my inner ears seam to be getting worse. I can hardly hear a thing and I have to go back to work today. Should I go back to the doctor or will this subside on it's own? I also feel like I have a slight fever this morning.Thanks
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Go back to the Doctor.
Takes time for antibiotics to get to the middle ear. I would wait-- especially if our fever is under control.
I would go back to the doctor
I think you should go back to the doctor. Sometimes you can develope a reaction to the medication that will give off symptoms similar to the ones you are trying to clear up in the first place.
most antibiotics should kick in by day three I would go back to the doctor because they might need to give you a stronger antibiotic or one that will work with your body
go to the doctor. or try putting a hot water bottle on your ear for relief
Right about now the antibiotics will start kicking in. It normally takes a few days before the body feels their effect. Infections don't clear up that fast. Give it and the meds time to work. If after 7 days you are still feeling the symptoms, then revisit your doc.
go back to the doctor , maybe the medication he put you on isnt working and not only is the fluid a bad feeling getting infection that causes your ear drum to rupture can hurt really bad and cause loss of hearing in the future
Call the doc and let him/her know what's going on. If you already been seen once for it maybe they can just call in a stronger antibiotic. and that way you can just go to the pharmacy and pick up the meds without paying another co-pay for the same thing.
An antibiotic should cause improvement after 48 hours. As you are feeling worse, the antibiotic is not affective and should be changed. Go back to the doctor.
You need to go back tothe doctor. It sounds like the germs involved with your ear infection are resistant to the antibiotic the doctor put you on. The ears need to be seen again-and you probably need a different antibiotic.
You may not need to go back to the doctor just yet, but call the triage nurse at least (when you call the doctor's office, if you ask for a same day appt, they'll usually pass you along to the triage nurse) and tell them the same thing you just said. They'll advice you, and might bring you in.Also, be careful about using another antibiotic too quickly. Your body will become immune to them, so if you use too many, you will reduce their future effectiveness. Which could be why this isn't working in the first place.

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