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Can the pain from testicular cancer come and go?

Q:I've been recently having some symptoms of testicular illnesses. In the past, about 9-12 months ago, I has similar problems but with physical therapy and I guess some Ibuprofin, they eventaully went away. Is this type of coming and going possible, not possible or unlikely with testicluar illensses, especially signifigant ones like cancer?
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Go to the doctor and have yourself checked out. If it is cancer the quicker you get treatment the better your chances are of surviving it. After all going to the doctor is worth the piece of mind.
hi i know this trust me go to youre doctor
Absolutely, go to the doctor and get it checked out. Call today! The "coming and going" is possible. You don't feel it every day so it's easy to ignore. Testicular cancer is generally a small, hard, painless lump which can protrude the scrotum slightly. Often it is only felt when you're in a warm shower but not necessarily every time. Also, feel your breasts around your nipple if they are sore . this is a another symptom caused by an elevated hormone level associated with TC.AGAIN - call today. Make an appointment for as soon as possible. If it is testicular cancer, every day counts and 9 months is far too long to wait.

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