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Why does your head hurt when you have the flu

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Your head hurts because of all of the congestion from mucous in your sinuses. I hope you feel better! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-head-hurt-when-you-have-the-flu ]
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Why does your head hurt when you have the flu
Your head hurts because of all of the congestion from mucous in your sinuses. I hope you feel better! ChaCha!
Do I have the swine flu? My head is hurting help!?
I doubt you have the swine flu or any other influenza, because you would have an abnormally high body temp. Though, if you have any problems with congestion, you could have a sinus infection. I'd know because that's what I have right now an...

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why does my stomach hurt all the time,no matter what?
Q: when i was like in 4 grade i was found to have acid reflexbut acid reflex mostly accurs after eating oranges,pop,pizza,ectbut no matter whatif i drink water it hurtsif i dont eat nothing it hurtsif i think about my stomach it hurtsif i eat bread it hurts.and i have this strange thing about me,when i go out to eat,i loose my appetite when i look at the resterants food.weird and i could never eat at the resterant and when i come home my stomach hurtsi was on plenty of medicines,the docter told me it was all in my head.then i started to take tums but i learned from the health channel that(did you know)if you take lots of stomach related medicine over time all that medicine will build up in your stomach and hurt your(i think)immune system or something like that.but weirdest of all,when i chew gum it goes away!if it is in my head.how can i get it out.in 6 grade i missed 21 days from my stomach7 198 not muchbut i never even had the flu before.weird?what should i doand im 14
A: Find a different doctor and see them instead. Tell them this and ask if there's anything you can do. If it IS in your head, they can recommend another person who can help you.For now, try reducing the size of your meals and avoid exercising or lying down after eating.
Why does Yahoo! delete answers that are honest?
Q: I have posted 2 answers that have been deleted on Yahoo! Answers. My answers to questions were honest. I didn't hold back and I can't understand this latest deletion. Below is the question, my answer and their response/reason why it was deleted. Question: Can Anyone Tell Me If I'm Pregnant Or Not ??????Question Details: Helloo, i'm 13 and I know this wasn't a very good idea but . . . . . I could be pregnant !! I have a head ache, my breasts hurt, back ache, I had a belly ache a week after I had sex and it's not going away !! I came on but hardly anything is coming out !! Can anyone help me with this ?? x Deleted Answer: Sure, I'll help you out! QUIT HAVING SEX AND YOU WOULDN'T BE ON YAHOO! ANSWERS ASKING SUCH A QUESTION!!! No one on here can answer this question from anyone. We aren't psychics, and your symptoms cover a range of illnesses...like the flu, a stomach virus or even an infection! And if you knew it wasn't a very good idea to have sex at 13, then you should have known it wasn't a very good idea to post this kind of question. Stop having sex and you wouldn't have to worry about being pregnant. I swear you teens just make up symptoms that sound good to you, but they have absolutely NOTHING to do with actually being pregnant. You don't realize just how stupid your symptoms sound. Violation Reason:Insulting Other Participants I don't see how I "Insulted Other Participants," when the only thing that could be remotely taken as an insult, is when I stated, "You don't realize just how stupid your symptoms sound." It wasn't directed at anyone! Saying someone is stupid versus saying their comments SOUNDED stupid are two entirely different things. Yahoo! Answers allows a multitude of questions. If their "Posting Police" are going to pick and choose who gets a violation, then they should take this part of their site down immediately. I answered this question yesterday. Is it possible for me to be pregnant?i had sexual relationships with my boyfriend on july 26th we didn't use a condom.the next day (july 27th) i had my period, so i didn't take the emergency or next day pills.now i'm a little worried, 'cause my period isn't here yet, so i wanna know how possible is it for me to be pregnant? This person had posted another question saying she was 26 years old and a teacher. She stated, in a round about way, that she had feelings for her 15 year old male students. Today, she has the above question, now in Spanish. And Yahoo! Answers doesn't find it offensive that she posted a question regarding pedophelia? Like I said, I cannot understand how Yahoo! Answers can allow pedophelia but won't allow honest comments. Does anyone else feel this way? Have you had an answer deleted that you felt should not have been? When you appeal your violation, has anyone ever won and was your answer reposted?The person who asked the last question I quoted also changed their name to the following: http://answers.yahoo.com/my/profile;_ylt=AiJYqEjuvmMd_xy2gKSxDq567hR.;_ylv=3?show=hBWpSitYaaMelissa - It isn't the fact the question irritated me. It was a posted question and I answered it honestly. The reason I put up the profile link was because this same exact person was the one who posted the question about being 26, a teacher and attracted to her 15 year old male students. The point being here is that Yahoo! will allow a person to post things that are a blatant violation of their Community Guidelines and the only thing the person has to do is change their name and they can continue posting whatever they feel like. I don't think I was rude in anything I stated.Paterson - The question was posted in the Adolescent section. I, along with many others who answer questions in that section, read the fact that the poster was 13. Is that NOT a teen? I didn't say I was a Doctor nor that I knew every teen in the world. Now who's being presumptuous or superior?
A: Something you should know: Trolls run this site pretty much. Most of the "top" abuse reporters are trolls. The abuse system is automated and no human intervenes until final appeals. And the appeal process takes so long that it's basically useless.If you want to participate in decent questions and answers without troll problems you may want to try wiki.answers.com instead. It's a much better site.
why does my stomach say im hungry but in actuality im not?
Q: ok im gonna be totaly upfront about this. my husband and I were in the shower having sex then threw a towel on the bed and finished what we were doing. after about 5 hours I started to get really sick! I got a massive migraine, HORRIBLE body aches, when I laid down and rolled on my side it felt like I had to puke! well that was on thursday. and here it is monday, pretty much 5 days later, and im still sick! the migraines not really and the body aches have gone away. but now I have different things wrong! like, my throat was hurting really bad, but not a scratchy hurt like a swollen hurt. and when you would touch the side of my neck it would hurt and be swollen as well and hurt every time I turn my head! I have post nasal drip. and a white tongue. also called white hairy tongue. and I have gas build up. I think its just from swallowing air from the post nasal drip but I dunno. but my stomach is tight in certain spots but I think that's from the gas. all of this I can deal with but its this last thing that I can't take anymore! my stomach will growl and ache like im starving! but I just ate probably 3 hours ago! a whole box of velveta shell macaroni and cheese! so I know I don't need to eat anymore because eating way to much is unhealthy! and I really don't wanna eat more! but my stomach is apparently craving food! why?? I've been sick before in all the different forms but NEVER like this! its so weird! I know you will say go to the doctor but I live an hour away from my doctor and I really don't wanna drive that far for him to say its the flu...wait it out. so if you could give me a little help to figure out was goin on with my body! thanks so much! and please no negative comments. I don't feel good and I just wanna feel better! have a great day and thanks for all your help!ok let me add this about the sex thing before anymore comments. the air conditioner was blowing hard in the room and maybe the wet and the cold made me sick even though sick is a virus and I heard it was a myth that you can catch a cold by being wet and cold. but I was in a new state, illinois, that I had never been too. maybe that was it, the change over. hmm
A: Sounds like you may have done something a little excessive in the sex department that got your body twisted and turned causing you to get your back out of whack. You may have pinched a nerve somewhere and need a chiro to help you get the symptoms worked out.

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