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When you have the flu and your back hurts really bad, what can you do to help it

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For backache associated with the flu you can take medications such as Tylenol to relieve the fever and muscle aches - not aspirin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-have-the-flu-and-your-back-hurts-really-bad%2C-what-can-you-do-to-help-it ]
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When you have the flu and your back hurts really bad, what can yo...?
For backache associated with the flu you can take medications such as Tylenol to relieve the fever and muscle aches - not aspirin.

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cramps...PLEASE HELP!!!?
Q: i have a few questions.i have never had my period before, and i have been getting REALLY bad cramps lately. i am pretty sure that they are pre-period cramps, but my dad swears up and down that they are stomach flu cramps.anyway, the cramp isn't in my stomach, it's in my gut. and for some reason it hurts on the two sides the most, and only a little in the middle. it's REALLY bad. this is the second time that this has happened to me this bad. once it happened when i was at school, and i had to get my friend to leave class with me cuz i thought i was gonna puke. do you feel like you gonna puke when you get pre period cramps?? i have got them a lot before, but most of the time they don't even hurt, and if they do, i can barely feel them. but they re FEAKING bad this time. and it had been going on since 9:00, and it is now 12:0 where i live. so do you think that they are period cramps?? btw, the cramps get a little better when i go to the bathroom, but then they just come back. i also took an iviprofin (spelling ?) and it did nothing. so, do you think that it period cramps of "stomach flu cramps"?and i've also heard horror stories that if you have really bad pre period cramps before your first period, that when you actually get your first period, you have AWFUL cramps EVERY TIME!! is this true?and if my pre period cramps, if thats what they are, are this bad, when do you think i will get my first period??thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it!! :)thanks, all this info really helped, but if the cramps are this bad, when will i get my period??thanks, all this info really helped, but if the cramps are this bad, when will i get my period??
A: sounds like period cramps - since you say it hurts most on the sides. that's like your ovaries and stuff.lower abdomen (like pelvis) is also commonjust take ibuprofen, (advil) anti-inflammatory meds. tylenol and such won't really help as much
Hurt Collar bone bad in China today. Doctors no help. Need yahoos advice. so painful?
Q: I have been riding my new moutain biking for 2 weeks now. Like 80 km a day weekdays after not riding for 8 years and being out of shape. Someone burglularised my home and stole 8 years of my life work 3 weeks ago I decided I was going to bury myself in my mountainbiking, get my healthback and now today the worst thing happened.First woke up and am scared my youngest child might have the pigflu as he is showing flu symptoms...Then I left and rode 35 kilometers on one of my fastest commutes and had an accident. I was in a small back alley street and I saw this guy on the side of the road trying to walk out in front of me it looked like on the shoulder of the road..Then blam I hit a speed bump the same color as the street.. totally missed it and indo'd over my front handle pars feet locked in place and slammed head and shoulder into the pavement.The Chinese walked around me as if nothing happened. I walked for about a kilometer then felt the most horrific pain I have ever felt.Went to the hospital.. and then the doctors tok an exray and said somethinglike two tendons n my collar bone were ripped and I would need a surgery. First they said 10-15000 rmb, then their boss came in and saw I was a foriegner and was like "oh no... thats like 25000 rmb"This is some serious cash. I can tell you that this hurts soo bad. They gave me morphine and some other pills Celecoxib. That didnt really do anthing that I can tell. I cant stand up and have to hold my arm up and out words of my body in order to not feel any pain... I mean not bad pain. Even when I walk. MY woman has to hel me piss as I cant doi it myself. They put some kind of harness on me and a free hanging splint. I am under the impression they dont know how to make splints because I cant do anything unless Ihold my arm up with my other arm.I need You help. Can you help me with the following questions?1)I can attach a picture of the x-ray and can someone tell me the name of what I have in English?2) Whats a good a good painkiller, 3) how to make the proper splint?4)and is an operation necessary?And what is it that I have in English? The google translation says:"The right shoulder is sorrowful place right shoulder lock joint space widened, distal clavicle upward shift"I hurt so bad. i need to take care of my two children and 25000 is so much/5) Will I ever be able to ride again?6) It hurts so bad.. when will it stop hurting?Thanks for your helpRobert ...Dead sad. Hurting.you can see xrays herehttp://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?p=6352468#post6352468THanks for your advice so far. Another Chinese doctor said it needs to be operated.. but they are so financially motivated. The last thing in the world i want to do if I dont have to is put metal pieces in my body. Question... I understand the ligaments are torn on the collar bone.. can you tell me if my shoulder is out of its socket/dislocated? if so does someone have to put it back into the socket? or can I just leave it alone and everything will heal on its own?http://thecenterofthenet.com/IMG_0001.jpghttp://thecenterofthenet.com/IMG_0002.jpghttp://thecenterofthenet.com/smaller.jpg
A: You have an AC Separation. It's no big deal. In the United States we just treat it with a simple arm sling until the pain goes away, also put some ice on it. You basically tore the acromial clavicular ligament and now the clavicle or collar bone sticks up. There are orthopaedic doctors who might want to operate on them if they need to buy new shoes for their kids but it's not a big deal. It hurts like a mother but it will go away. My suggestion to you is next time fall on the other one and then your shoulders will look normal. ; )I remember a Boston Bruin coming into the Emergency Ward having this when he hit the boards and the orthopaedic residents wanted to operate on it and then the team sports medicine guru and orthopaedic shoulder professor ermeritus, Harvard Medical School Carter Rowe, MD Lol, he said for what reason so he can do it again! He said it wouldn't make any sense until after he gives up hockey.
flu or pregnant? idk what is wrong, need help please?
Q: symptoms:nauseous (almost all day)hungry all the time(but food sounds nasty and if i do eat i feel sick)tired (so tired)back achestomach cramp like periodheadachesdischarge, its not like normal, also dont smell.had a period (if you can call it one) jan 8th to 12th im usually 7 days and heavy this time was 4 and light to spotting, blood was also at 1st orangish then dark (almost brown)boobs dont hurt but kinda tingly, and well today i hit it on the table (not hard just pressed against it) and it kinda hurt but not badtoday i was constapated but when i finally did go it wasnt hard like normal (sry if its tmi)i know how it feels when i have the flu, when i do i cant move and don want to do nothing and i can still do stuff.2 tests and one was the 13th and it was invalid took another a few days ago and it was neg but really faint linegoing to make a dr app monday but idk which do u think it could bei know u cant diagnose me but i would like your input please and thank u.
A: It sounds like you're pregnant. Remember, the tests aren't always accurate! If you're concerned, you should definitely go with your gut and talk with your doctor.I hope you feel better!

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