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When does Edward say he was changed in the movie Twilight

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In "Twilight", Edward's adoptive father Carlisle Cullen changed him into a vampire in 1918 to prevent his death from Spanish flu. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-edward-say-he-was-changed-in-the-movie-twilight ]
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When does Edward say he was changed in the movie Twilight
In "Twilight", Edward's adoptive father Carlisle Cullen changed him into a vampire in 1918 to prevent his death from Spanish flu.

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What do you think of the Twilight movie script? How does it compare to the book?
Q: Well, I'm in the middle of reading it for the second time, and I'm not exactly impressed.It's okay. Fine. Mediocre.Not brilliant. It doesn't match up to the book.Some of the stuff they changed really bugged me.Like, they changed things that were just pointless. That aren't crucial to the plot and by changing them they're just getting us mad. They aren't actually doing anything.Such as:-Taking off the extra e on Renee's name. They made it Rene. I've never seen it spelled Rene. Gosh, is it so difficult to type an extra freaking e?-They changed practically everyone's ages. Book Carlisle is 23 and movie Carlisle (or should I say Dr. Cullen >:[ ) is mid thirties. Book Emmett is 20 and movie Emmett is 17. Book Alice is 19 and movie Alice is 17. I think book Jasper is 20 and movie Jasper is 18. They even tacked on an extra year for Jake. Jacob is 15 in the book and 16 in the movie.I hate what they did to the meadow scene. What ever happened to Edward asking Bella if she wanted a ride to Seattle and all that jazz? I'm not up to that part yet, but from what I remember, Edward just took her to the meadow after school. (Correct me if that's wrong, my memory might be faulty xD )And the scene where Bella faints in biology. That was one of my favorites. I used to picture Edward carrying Bella in his arms to the nurse's office. :[All in all, the book is so much better.Another question about the script:Does anyone else think it doesn't make sense that when Bella and Eric and Mike and all them are in La Push, Jacob, Sam, and Embry are walking along together?Jacob didn't really know Sam in Twilight. In fact, until he joined, the pack, he was actually kind of scared of him.:/Wow, I could go on forever.Anyway, I know I'm overreacting to some of this.So you don't all need to tell me that.I just hope the movie surprises me and blows me away with its awesomeness.I still have hope!
A: I can see why you don't like it but unfortunately in the movie industry they can only pack so many things into a 2 hour time slot. The fact is that they made a mistake by only taking 6 weeks to write the script (I thinks that was a BIG mistake). I can see how they had to cut some parts out, that is very common in movies but unfortunately I do not have high hopes for this movie because I don't believe you can have a good script in only 6 weeks. That's just my opinion, other people would love to argue that point because there is some other movies that are supposedly good and have been made in a shorter time. I have never seen one :D
Did the Twilight Movie Change Anybody's Opinion of the Books?
Q: First, I have to explain a little. I don't like the books. I was going to see the movie with my friends who do like the books, just to see how it would be, but couldn't go. So they told me about it. They said that all Bella and Edward did was stare at each other for half the movie, and that the other half was filled with creepiness. For example, my friend told me that when Edward appeared in Bella's room, and she asked how he got in or where he came from or something, he said he'd been doing it for months. Can you imagine that on screen? CREEPY. Okay. Creepy.And so because of this, one of my friends, who *really* liked the books told me that he's coming over to the Dark Side with me. (Yes. He.) He realized that staring at eachother *is* all that Bella and Edward do and that Edward *is* a creeper. And things like that.So I wondered whether the movie changed anyone else's opinion of the books.Please be nice and respectful, guys. This is an honest question, and I'd like nice and respectful answers.Zara, I agree with you. Your explanation wasn't *too* complicated; I followed it enough to figure that I'm in Group 3 and that a few of my friends are in Group 2b, and the others (the majority) are Group 1a. Interesting theory, though. To me, it seems very dead-on.Yes, I have read all four books.Subiegirl: I don't agree with your statement. Just because you like the Twilight series, it doesn't mean that to be a "true, loyal" fan of the series, you automatically have to like the movies, too. That would mean that half the people who go insane over Harry Potter aren't true fans because they don't like the movies. Which isn't true. All that loyalty stuff has no ground to stand on.
A: Ha, I was talking with some girls at school about this. They were complaining that Edward seemed creepy in the movie, that Bella had no personality, and that all they did was sit there and stare at each other while Edward moaned about being dangerous and Bella whined about not being good enough. I told them that that's exactly how the book is. At first they flipped out, but after they thought about it for awhile, they said I had a point. I've seen a lot of people complaining about those things, though... maybe if they read the book again they'll realize those things are all in the book too....
When do all the songs from the Twilight movie take place?
Q: All the songs from the Soundtrack and the Score. These are my guesses. Correct me if I'm wrong, or let me know if you think I'm right.How I Would Die - Score ~ Edward is hunting the deer and Bella is saying the preface of Twilight.Full Moon - Soundtrack ~ Bella is traveling to Forks.Who Are They - Score ~ The Cullens are walking into the cafeteria.Eyes On Fire - Soundtrack ~ Edward doesn't show up to school.Tremble For My Beloved - Soundtrack ~ After Edward saves Bella from Tyler's van.Treaty - Score ~ Jacob telling Bella about the legends and the flashback.I Caught Myself - Soundtrack ~ Bella and friends trying on dresses in Port Angeles.Phascination Phase - Score ~Humans Are Predators Too - Score ~ Bella almost gets raped.Never Think - Soundtrack ~ Edward and Bella talking in the restaurant.I Dreamt Of Edward - Score ~ Bella waking up and seeing Edward watching her.I Know What You Are - Score ~ Bella looking at Edward and walking into forest.The Most Dangerous Predator - Score ~ Bella telling Edward she knows he's a vampire.The Skin Of A Killer - Score ~ Edward running with Bella on his back and Edward showing Bella what he looks like in the sun.The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb - Score ~ The meadow.Spotlight - Soundtrack ~ Edward and Bella arriving at school together and everyone is staring.Complications - Score ~ Billy glares at Edward.Dinner With His Family - Score ~ Volvo pulling up to the Cullen's mansion and Edward taking Bella's coat.I Would Be The Meal - Score ~Bella meeting the Cullens.Claire de Lune - Bonus ~ Edward and Bella "dancing" in his room.Bella's Lullaby - Soundtrack & Score ~ Edward and Bella in the tree and Bella watching Edward play piano.Supermassive Black Hole - Soundtrack ~ The Cullens playing baseball.Nomads - Score ~ James, Victoria and Laurent interrupt the baseball game.Stuck Here Like Mom - Score ~ Bella telling Charlie she's leaving.Bella Is Part Of The Family - Score ~ Laurent leaving, Cullens getting ready in the garage and Edward and Bella saying goodbyes.Tracking - Score ~ Rosalie, Edward and Emmett running, Bella in the car with Alice and Jasper, James changing his plan.In Place Of Someone You Love - Score ~ Bella leaving the hotel and going to the ballet studio.Showdown At The Ballet Studio - Score ~ The fight between James and Edward in the ballet studio.Let Me Sign - Bonus ~ Edward sucking the venom out of Bella's hand and Bella "dying".Edward At Her Bed - Score ~ Edward at Bella's bed in the hospital.Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) - Soundtrack ~ Edward and Bella entering prom and seeing all her friends.Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Soundtrack ~ Edward and Bella dancing at prom.15 Step - Bonus ~ Victoria at prom and main credits.Leave Out All The Rest - Soundtrack ~ End credits.Decode - Soundtrack ~ End credits.
A: Precisely! =)I just made a list like this of my own.Phasination Phase is when Edward and Bella talk for the first time in Biology and the hallway.Good job! =)

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