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What kind of flu or cold is going around now

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The flu is characterized by a collection of symptoms that can often occur suddenly, including fever (higher than 100 degrees F). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-flu-or-cold-is-going-around-now ]
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What kind of flu or cold is going around now
The flu is characterized by a collection of symptoms that can often occur suddenly, including fever (higher than 100 degrees F).
Is there some kind of cold or flu bug going around Vegas right no...?
Umm..yeah. I know more than one person with a cold right now.

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my cat is mad at me - what can i do to make him feel better?
Q: We usually go "walkies" at night (with halter and leash) but must desist for a while becuase (1) the weather is foul; (2) there is some kind of cat-flu or cold going around that has the vets' offices absolutely chaotic; and (3) i am feeling poorly myself.Now the cat's got the "snits;" alternatingly sitting with a disgruntled expression or coming at me meowing REAL loud.Tried talking to him but he just shows me his butt and trutts back to his corner.What to do?
A: Oh boy, what a cat! Just give him time and treats, hell come back around! Good Luck.
is this a flu or a cold?
Q: well i woke up this morning feeling reaaaaaly tired..i smoked .. brushed my teeth and had a cup of milk...well i sat outside for a while the tempeture is around 18-20 so it was cold...i finished my milk then got up to go inisde..on the way back i threw up with seeeeeeeveere pain all around my chest..then i quickly ran to the bathroom and threw up again..this time it had a little blood in it and also had that severe pain while throwing up..i got up washed my face and drank a glass of water..and rode the bus to school.. in school i was soo very tired that i slept every single class. during 12 o clock i had diherria...then at the end of the day i had a stomache ache and a headache and a kind of a runny nose when i bend down...i got back home i had dierria..right now i have a headache..stomach ache and feel tired...so do i have a cold or a flu? should i go to school tomorrow? what can i do now?
A: wtf why would you go to school if you threw up?i would go see a doc, when i had flu this is what i had:the worst headache in the world you could not move you head or stand up without severe pain.eyes hurt when looking at lightblicked nosecouchsore throatand every time i ate it tasted horrible 4 sum reason.go see you doc u shouldnt vomit blood.
Flu and Cold like symptoms? Can you help me out here?
Q: I am Autistic, I am quite tiny because at birth I came out feet first, so I came out weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces. I take medication for my ADHD also known as Attention Deficit Disorder. The proper pronunciation of the disorder is within the initials ADHD, commonly labeled ADD. I eat a lot, but I am just so tiny. I am doing ab ripper x which is an ab work out, it's 15 minutes and has 25 reps. I want to gain some muscle because, I guess because of my amazing metabolism, I need some muscle to gain some damn weight. I love my food, and I really don't know where it all goes, haha.Anyways, since I am so lean but I am quite healthy, when I get sick I can REALLY tell and I feel less energetic. Since I have ADHD, I am usually energetic, even though I on the computer a lot. I get up and run around the house and so spins and jumps, etc. Just this past weekend I started to feel sick. It started out with a sore throat and a fever. Than on Tuesday, I started to feel different, my face felt like it was on fire, or just inflamed. I started to get nausea, it felt like I was going to throw up, but I didn't. I wanted to throw up, just so that nauseating feeling would die down. I had to get my brother to pick me up from school on Tuesday.Now I am feeling quite weak and shaky. The symptoms I have experienced so far are: Fatigue, stuffy nose, warm face, weakness and shakiness, loss of appetite, nausea, and many trips to the bathroom.Missing school isn't my main worry at the moment, I need to get better because I take Co-op at school, and if I am sick, I will just be the blame for others who catch my germs.My health is very important, I am just curious to what kind of virus I have. I haven't thrown up yet, but I keep getting that nauseating feeling and discomfort. The worst so far is my weakness, I feel very lazy and I feel like a zombie.I had to motivate myself to get off the couch at times, haha. I am not ashamed that I am sick, because I would say overall I am a pretty healthy person. Even a healthy persons get sick, you need to once in awhile to boost your immune system. But this weakness and shakiness is awful, it feels like I'm vibrating inside. I won't think about it too much, I'll just get more rest and more nutrients.I had some soup,a yogurt, a Fiber 1 bar, an apple and some party mix(haha, I know not such a good idea when your sick)and a crap load of lying down on the couch.
A: Honey the best advice I can give to you is for you to go see your family Doctor for he knows you better then I do....The flu is all around right now and I am sure by what you told us how you feel that is what you have..I believe you mean well to ask here but my dear the Doctor is your best bet..I am sure a lot of nice people here will try to help and I know they will because that is how we are here on YA..But your Doctor will be best..I hope you feel better soon and try to get lots of rest!!...Nice to have met you and hope next time I see you here we can get your next question answered for you!!

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