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What does it mean when you keep throwing up but don't have a fever

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Vomiting can be a sign of Appendicitis, Food poisoning, Gallstones, Hepatitis A, Intestinal obstruction, Pancreatitis, Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu). Please provide more symptoms. Sharp pain in your abdomen might indicate appendicitis. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-keep-throwing-up-but-don%27t-have-a-fever ]
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What does it mean when you keep coughing, throwing up, fever, and...?
She may have the flu or pneumonia. If you can, please get her to a doctor or the ER. She may not want to go, but she needs treatment just to be safe. For something like this there is nothing you can do at home if she can't keep medicine dow...

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How long does it take for a child to get dehydrated?
Q: I'm a little worried about my 8 yr old son. He has the stomach bug. It started about 2:00am last night when he woke me up and said his stomach hurt real bad. He went back to sleep though. This morning when he got up around 7:00 he puked a lot in the toilet. He's been puking all day since then, like every 30 minutes. By noon he was just throwing up mucus (sorry gross I know). Over the last few hours he has been in there puking mucus and dry heaving like every 15 minutes. He can't keep anything down. He's tried sipping water, a Popsicle but it all just comes right up.He has dark circles under his eyes and low grade fever 99.4. He's still urinating but not as much as usual. He is pretty lethargic and cranky. Should I wait out 24 hours until morning and see how he is doing? I'm not one to rush my kids to the ER whenever they are sick. I mean I have 4 kids 14, 14, 11 and 8 so I've been down this road before and have experience but none of them have ever been puking for so long. Usually it's a few times and then they just don't feel good for the day but he's been puking like non stop for the last 12 hours.what would you do? I have a feeling if I call my doctor he will say to bring him in first thing in the morning if he isn't better. What are signs of dehydration?Thaks everyone who answered....I called the doctor and he said to keep giving him clear fluids and he called in a prescription for Zofran which is a tablet that disolves on the tongue. He said this would stop the vomiting and to call in the morning for an appointment if he isn't better. I ran and got the medicine and gave it to my son. It's been about 45 minutes and he hasn't puked again yet, in fact he's in bed sound asleep.
A: It can only take a few hours for a child to get dehydrated. To check how dehydrated he is lightly pinch his skin (don't hurt him, lol), the white marks that appear from finger pressure usually will go away quickly if a person is hydrated. If they take longer than a few seconds then he is dehydrated and the longer it takes to go away the more dehydrated he is (but I am not sure of what time constraints show severe dehydration). He is only 8, I would call your Doctor, kids go down hill pretty quickly, better to be safe than sorry.
Unsolved Right Stomach Pain. Its back, and I need to know what to do this time! 16 y.o. NEEDS HELP!?
Q: Okay. This is going to be long. This all started in June of 2009. I am 16. I get sick a LOT, and its always a horrible fever, or something bad. Ive never have any infections or anything that needed surgery. But in June, I got a horrid pain in my right side. No fever. I couldn't keep anything down, Id just throw it up Diarrhea which leaded to Constipation. Mainly the horrible pain in my right lower side. And when I say horrible, I mean to the point where I cant bare it anymore (9-10/10). My mom asked me if I wanted to go to the Hospital, but I kept putting it off more and more because I don't like going to the doctors. Finally one night at about 10PM I wake up in the worst pain Ive ever felt, and my mom rushed me to the Hospital. I didn't have to wait at all in the Emergency room, they let me skip everyone else. I got it, and they gave me to Tylenol. The Tylenol didn't do anything seeing I couldn't hold it down, so they put me on saline and morphine. That helped a little but my pain was still about an 8. They made me drink contrast with the help of some meds that stopped me from throwing up so much, which took a LONG time because I had to do it slow. They gave me a CT scan, thinking I had appendicitis. The doctor came in and said that they would have to look at it some more, and that they were going to Admit me to the pediatrics. The next morning the doctor comes in and tells me that my Lymph Nodes in my intestines are swollen (Mesenteric Adenitis ). They keep me there, on Fluids. I slowly start to get better, and slowly start to come off the pain meds and eat solids. And on the 7th day I'm allowed to go home just taking some vicodin. Two months goes by, and nothing happens..... And then my family Rents a Beach house in August. I'm fine for the first few days, but start to get a fever and don't want to do anything, so my mom takes me home. I sat at home by myself for a day, and then my mom came back from the beach house so she could take care of me. And then that night, my right lower side starts to hurt again. I couldn't eat or drink much because I would just vomit it up. It finally got horrible again 12 hours later, and my mom and her boyfriend drove me to the Hospital. I sit in the emergency room for about 3 hours, and deal with the horrible pain. They call me back and take my temp, and its only about 100. I sit in the little ER room, a nurse comes in, gives me an IV and starts me on some fluids and pain meds. They try to get me to drink, but I just throw it all back up. So they put some meds in my IV to stop me from throwing up. I get another CT scan and a few X-Rays. And then they send me home on Vicodin. The Vicodin didn't do much for me at all, so I set up an Appointment with my doctor. I go in and tell him how I'm feeling, and he could see that I was in pure misery. He called up the hospital and gets me a room. They put me in for Pain Management and so they can do tests. I got an X-Ray and it showed me being extremely constipated, so they thought that was my problem. So they gave me an Enema, and let me do my thing. Soon enough there's nothing left.... BUT THE PAINS STILL THERE. They finally decide to do some GI test. They made me go into a room with this big bed/board thing that I had to stand against. They made me drink a full cup of Barium, and take a few X-rays. Then they had me drink some Barium as they took the shots. About 20 X-Rays later, they make me lay down on the table while they go and look at the pictures. The nurse came back and told me they wanted to take some more. So I drank more of the Barium, and threw a little up (which in result made me have to drink more). Then they took more shots, about 40 more. During these shots they used this little paddle and pushed on parts of my intestines, and there was a TV where you could see everything that was happening like a live TV show. Needless to say, they found nothing.Then I stayed there for a few more days. They took an X-Ray here and there. And just waited for the Barium to pass. Then on the 6th day, they gave me some Laxative and some Vicodin and let me go. I had to get out of the Hospital, because I had surgery the next day to get a plate removed from my arm from when I broke it a year before. A day or two after my Arm Surgery, I was back to being my self, and went and had fun, because it was summer, and I'd missed enough already. Things went normal for about a month and then it came back (now September)...It wasn't that bad this time. Maybe a 7 or 8 on the pain scale. I went to my doctor, he gave me some pain meds, and everything went away about a week later.Then in October I moved to New York City. I hoped to GOD it wouldn't come back, because I didn't want to deal with their Hospitals. Everything went okay, until two days before Thanksgiving. I got a little feverish. I was throwing up a bit, and had a bit of blood in my stool ( there was blood in my stool the other times too, I just forgot to put it). I dealt wi
A: ok, i had a VERY similar problem... the only difference is my problem went on for years... you should go to your regular doctor and have him do a few tests or send you to a GI doctor... (you might not like the sound of this) it sounds like to you need to be tested for a few different things. Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, colitis, diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), and irritable bowel disease(IBD)... all of theses problems can be caused by the food you eat, stress, and possibly some things in your everyday envirnment... one web site that might also help is www.webmd.com. there you can put in you symptoms and see what it says, and that is also a great place to look up the health problems i named...well i hope i help a little bit... and good luck!!! hope you find the answers your looking for!!!
How can I save myself and my children?
Q: My family consisted of my mother siblings and myself. I am the youngest. We are not close and my mother and siblings thrives on chaos secrets and lies. My mother does not say I love you. She pushes you away when you try to hug her and clearly states who her favorate is. All my brothers are physically, verbally and emotionally abusive. My sisters and I have all been physically, verbally and emotionally abused and are passive and fearful to agressive and angry. I am the considered the weird one because I don't want to be apart of the craziness. I'm the only one that didn't really grow up with mom. She worked all the time. She would be gone mostly for 3 weeks at a time and sometimes she was gone for a month or two. We lived in a apartment building on the same floor as my grandmother. My grandmother treated me my sister and 2 brothers different because she did not like our fathers. She would give us old food or the burnt bread and cakes she made and treated us poorly. She treated her my oldest sister and her children lovingly. Giving her and her children what she cooked that day and what did not burn. Growing up I was told. Trust no one, keep no friends, don't tell about the bad stuff and if I had to talk. Tell them because family would keep it in the family. Which meant we would talk about you but that's okay. There was a lot of physical and verbal fights and anger. My family members compete with each other and believe a persons value is determined by how much he or she has. They talk about, use,cheat and lie about each other and I don't fit in because I don't join in. I'm the black sheep. Since I've known myself I was and still am told I'm worthless, stupid, should have been aborted, weird, ugly, a bi*ch, slut, waste of time, waste of money, a failure, a unfit mother, no man would ever want me, lazy, could not make it in life, a good for nothing, I'm not listened to and also told somethings wrong with me. (Just some of many labels.) (Note: my children are also told these things about me and themselves starting from a very early age.) After hearing this over and over I believed it I and my children believed it about ourselves and I did begin to tell it to myself. I was also raped and molested at the age of 4 by my godbrother in my homeland. I was 5yrs old when I came to this country. I was then molested by my sister's husband from the age 9 to 21. I was a gifted student, my grades dropped. I began to cut classes because I could not focus. I would come home at 6pm to avoid my molester (my sisters husband). He lived on the first floor of our two family home and would pick me up after school. I spent every day in fear. He told me don't tell when I was 13. He said no one would believe me and they would blame me and they did. He was right they didn't believe me. I was told I asked for it. When I became pregnant at 15 the day my mother found out she beat me. Tearing off the pjs she brought me 5 months earlier when I was sick. Saying I was never really sick. (For several days I was unable to eat any kind food or drink anything not even water without throwing it up. When I was finally taken to the hospital I had severe pains in my side, couldn't walk and had a fever of 104. They were going to operate thinking it was appendicitis until the third doctor told my mother it was stress. She did nothing to help me. Around this time I had also attempted suicide for the 4th time by a over dose. My mom found me and she watched as one of my brothers punched me in the jaw. Then said she would turn my dead body over to the city to bury in a unmarked grave.) Later that day she tried to make me carry a 20" t.v. From one end of the house to the other knowing I am pregnant. She called all my friends parents telling them keep there daughters away from me because I'm a bad influence and a bi*ch. I was told I didn't deserve a room that night and had to sleep on the hallway floor. Before I feel asleep I over heard my oldest sister tell my mom, "when you take her to have the abortion don't let them give her any anesthesia so she can feel the pain." I suppose that was to be my punishment. I didn't know my mother was taking me to have a abortion the next day. I thought it was to see how far I was. Until I the doctor said I would have to have the abortion that day or I would have to go to the hospital. Thank God she didn't bring enough money. I ran away the next day. I did come back (There's so much more but not enough space.) I have four children now. Two of them were raped and molested by family members. In the same house I was molested In. I still live in the same house. Each room has horrible memories attached. My children and I have lived many of the labels placed on us. I dream of having my own business infact we all do but we all are affraid to live in some way and don't love or trust ourselves. My children and I are a shell of who we can be. Our lives are a mess. Recently I started to see what is happening and I have to make it better. I'm not working and know I have to get my children out. My oldest son has become abusive like my brothers. My son also sold drugs, carries guns, drinks and smokes weed. I feel like I have been asleep all my life. We don't know who we are. The only thing I am 100% sure of is it hurts to much, to much has happened and we want better. It scares me to see my pain and fears in my children. I don't want to be quiet any more and I don't know what to do next.
A: I am so sorry to hear how beaten down you and your children have become,the first thing is to get out and seek that help!!!You can go to the nearest catholic church ask for refuge and guidence, if no help there go straight to the police and tell them this exact story.If no help there go to welfare or one of many helping facilities in this state.You will be sheltered and cared for and you and your children will recieve counseling and a huge foot up in standing on your own. Dont stop now keep going and get out and move on put these people and their crap behind you!!!Make a loving,caring home for you and yours!!!!!

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