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What do I have if I have a stomach ache and sore throat

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Drink ginger ale or chamomile or peppermint tea if you've overeaten or have the flu. They should all soothe your stomach. MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-have-if-i-have-a-stomach-ache-and-sore-throat ]
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What is worse a sore throat or stomach ache
A stomach ache could be a sign of many more underlying problems than a sore throat would. ChaCha!
Does anyone know how to make a stomach ache, headache and a sore ...?
That combination of symptoms, especially if coupled with fever and body aches may be signs of flu. The flu is caused by the influenza virus, of which there are a seemingly infinite variety, with new strains popping up each year. The H1N1 vi...
What do you have if your symptoms are headache, stomachache, sore...?
These are all symptoms of swine flu. If you have these symptoms check with your local doctor! ChaCha.

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If I have a cold and sore throat, does tyleno work?
Q: I know Tyleno is excellent to take for head aches and pains and it says on the label, for a common cold too. If I have a cold or allergies like when I wake up in the morning with a severe sore throat, coughing, and runny nose plus a little head ache, would tyleno work? Like how would I know if I need an actual prescription? Thats if my cold is worse? And as far as the flu like a stomach ache and head ache with nausea, its not good to take tyleno then is it? Let me know your opinions on this.I was curious what tyleno does for a cold? It really releases the pain and congestes me up? I took some tyleno this morning and it worked! My throat ache was congesting up alot. and coughing up mucus.
A: Tylenol is a fever/pain reliever. It blocks the pain response which is why your throat feels better. NSAIDS, like advil and aleve also work, but they are also anti-inflammatories as well. So in addition to relieving pain/fever, they work to decrease actual inflammation that Tylenol does not. You can take Tylenol or Advil for body aches, headaches, and sore throats related to a virus. Yes you can take it for a stomach virus to relieve the body aches, but for some, it can upset the stomach or you can't keep it down. In that case, the pharmacist has non-prescription Tylenol in a suppository form that one could use.The common cold can be pretty nasty, and lasts about 7-10days. Usually there is no fever or a low fever of 100F. If your symptoms persist past this time, or you get a high fever, or you have greenish, thick mucous, you should see a dr. to rule out a secondary bacterial infection that would require antibiotics.PS- hot chicken soup with fresh garlic, fresh grated ginger, and a bit of cayenne pepper steeped in it works great! Makes you feel better and aids your immune system.Hope you feel well fast!
Why does my Cousin Have to bring her boyfriend over every day?
Q: Omg , I'm so Fed up with My Cousin Bring her boyfriend over every single day, Weekdays and Weekends. We Also Share a Room so its very annoying to me. But its not like their just in there but they also lay on her be and make out every day.I used to ask them if they could stop, but they ignored me then continued. Then I remember one time i got so pissed off and was like"Omg cant you guys do that somewhere else like at the park,his house, somewhere??? OH ALSO IM LIKE 99% SURE THEY HAD SEX IN OUR ROOM BECAUSE I ASKED HER AND SHE WAS LIKE"THATS ENOUGH QUESTION GOODNIGHT"... and she had her hand over his mouth because he was trying to say something back, I WISH HE WOULD SAY SOMETHING I WOULD BE ON A ROLE. so now days I'm never in whats supose to be OUR ROOM I go and like sit in the living room till he leaves . And now im doing a running sport and I must say thats very tiring . I dunno if im being dramatic but we run like 3 miles or something and i never really used to run that much so its new to me. anyways I cant even like relax after practice and stuff. And one time i was so sick , I had a stomach ache,sore throat ,and the works :P...but they were in there and i do not wanna be around all that stuff they do so i just sat in the living room ...as usual... And how i said i run now ... one day i came back from a running met thing and we run like 6 miles or something... im not sure but it was alot ... So I was really tierd and plus my running shoes are like one size smaller than my actual size but thats just cause im cheap and they were on sale Lol XD! and yeah so i was like "Im tierd and kinda wanted to lay down so..." And She seemed to be mad and i heard her go in WHATS SUPOSE TO BE "OUR ROOM" and was like you gotta go home cause she wants to sleep. and now days Im just not as happy as I used to be cause I noticed im a bit more moody and stuff so its not too fun for me =P...and now when he comes over its to the point where im just in the living room crying...and my mom asked if I wanted her to talk to them, and i was like no. OMG THEY ARE SO ANNOYING I WISH HE WOULD JUST MOVE TO CHINA!!! oh also when we get in a arguement about him she uses the "guilt" on me and is like..."well one day ill be gone and you wont have to deal with me any more" Me:"its not even you whos bothering me" Her:"well then one day me and him will be gone" that stuff used to mabey work but now im so MAD AT HER AND HIM ITS NOT EVEN WORKING ON MEthey can go somewhere and see if i care. I remember when i found out she was moving in with us and we would share a room i was like oh cool , its better than sharing a room with my brother...I WAS SO WRONG ... SHES A REALLY BAD ROOMMATE...no joke ...uuugh im such a wimp for not saying anything though i sometimes do cause my "MAD METER" goes up so much i just explode! man this feels better to get out ... But Any ways Can Any One Give Me Some Advice On What To Do?.cause its really getting out of hand Btw I know i have a few misspelled things but thats not whats important though if you want to comment on that feel free i guess O_O....
A: wow why does your mom allow them to be in there al the time? doesnt she know they are gonna be having sex? whats she gonna do if ur cousin gets pregnant? Then youll never gt your room back, it will have a baby in it.
What to do about a really bad sore throat?
Q: Ok so I have been sick for the past 4 days. It started out with a head ache and a stomach ache. Then the next day my ear started to hurt. And the day after that my throat was swollen but I still could eat and swallow. But now today I am all better except for the head ache and my throat. I can't eat anything. My ma told me I would have to go in and have a shot if I didn't take or at least attempt to take ibuprofen and I told her I tried and it wouldn't go down. She told me to try and split it in half and I did but that wouldn't go down either. I tried cutting that half into half and that didn't work either.I'm really really hungry too.I tried eating applesauce and that didn't work and then I tried drinking water and that didn't work and then I tried drinking orange juice and that wouldn't go down. Everything that I have tried just won't go down. :(And every time I do try to swallow I start to tear up. Because it hurts that bad :(
A: Try gargling with salt dissolved in warm water. Or tea with lemon and honey. Honey has antibacterial properties that can help heal your throat. You should also consider seeing a doctor, sounds like you were in really bad shape, it might be something more than just a sore throat.

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