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What could cause my ear and head to hurt

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A sinus infection can cause your ear and head to hurt or they could be some of the signs of the flu. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-cause-my-ear-and-head-to-hurt ]
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What causes pain on the left side of head above ear and makes ear...?
Let me ask you a question ... which ear do you use most when you're talking on your cell phone? The reason I ask is that I had something very similar to what you are describing for about a year or so. Then I read an article about the rad...
Does a sinus and ear infection make you sleepy and make your head...?
A sinus infection can cause a headache or pressure in the eyes, nose, cheek area, or on one side of the head. As with any infection, tiredness and lethargy are also possible symptoms. ChaCha!
Why do my ears and head hurt?
if this is recently, I think you have some sinus pressure. because i don't think that a cell phone can do that, but it may. Or it can be that your ears are having problems with your ear phones and they are sore, leading the pain to your hea...

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What could cause my head to hurt when I swallow?
Q: I have been to my ENT. I don't have any kind of sinus or ear infection but he put me on 4000mg of antibiotics a day as a precaution. What do you think it could be? My head hurts constantly and feels as if it is about to explode when I swallow. Any ideas?
A: Dehydration can do that to you, but I couldn't be too sure. I'd advise just going to see your doctor. I wouldn't want you to get any bad advice from this website, which may only make the situation worse. Hope it clears up. Drink plenty of water though, that never hurts.
What could be the cause of my "head ache"? (symptoms and habits detailed)?
Q: I went for a beer last night with my friends. I drank about 300ml of dark beer. We got back home @ 2 AM. I got up @ 6.50 AM the same day to go to a Biology/Physics/Math class during which, from the very beginning, suffered from this headache on my left side of my head (just above and behind my ear). I feel a general feel of discomfort and have a slight feeling of unease. My head does not hurt more or less under physical solicitation. I also hit my head 2 days ago suffering a small to moderate blow (I usually have a pretty high pain threshold compared to other people's thou). I have suffered from several nose bleed episodes during the last 30 days. I have been staying up late, spending lots of hours in front of the PC, but sleep enough (9 to 11 hours of sleep). I also have been slightly "under stress" lately (although I don't believe "stress" to be... real) since I have been researching effective ways to gain money.I have been eating about 1.3 times a day (lunch and some sweets @ late evening). I eat varied (proteins, fibers, carbs, vitamins, calcium, iron etc).I am almost 20 and have never suffered from headaches/migraines before and thus cannot recognize them.Professional advice is welcomed. Also please don't tell me to check with a doctor because, if the pain persists, I obviously WILL go and get checked.Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for the wall of text. BTW it crits you for 40000000 damage.I just noticed that it looks like a "troll question". I assure you it isn't. Unfortunately.
A: Seeing as how you were drinking the night before, its very possible you were feeling symptoms of a hangover which can cause a headache, even minor hangovers can cause headaches if nothing else. Also sitting in front of the pc a lot (even with appropriate amount of sleep) can cause headaches. Especially near the temples. Having your pc monitor at or below 60 FPS (frames per second) can cause headaches. If your monitor isnt set above 60 fps, Id suggest changing the settings via monitor or graphics card. Hitting your head, with any amount of force can cause head trauma depending on how or where you hit your head. You may have knocked your brain against your skull hard enough to cause a headache to form, drinking can cause this to worsen if you were not aware of the problems in the first place. Id advise no more drinking untill you have gone to the dr (as uve said you would if problems persist) If you need to work on your pc for long amounts of time, take a break every 30 minutes for at least 15 minutes to give your eyes a break. It does not seem like your eating enough. Being hungry cause also cause headaches as your body is not getting what it needs. Also drink plenty of water during the day. Sometimes dehydration causes headaches , a simple glass of water may be the solution. Goodluck
What could cause a stopped up ear and swollen glands under the ear?
Q: Under my right ear my glands are very swollen. My right ear is stopped up and its driving me crazy. I feel so lopsided all the time and always feel like I need to turn my head and swollow to try and unstop it but it never works.It doesnt hurt unless I mash on the swollen glands under my ear. And even then it just kinda aches.I have had alergies or something causing sinus drainage for about a month before this but then again I also have a wisdom tooth on that side that also could be causing the problem, although the tooth doesnt hurt itself at all, just on that side of my glands.Any idea what I should do? Go to a dentist or a ENT specialist??I have a huge amount of pressure which feels like fluid in my ear and the glands below it.I did go to the doctor but she told me that it didnt look like there was fluid in my ear but that it was slightly red. She gave me bacterial antibiotics in case but its almost been 48 hrs and its still the same and actually worse.
A: I would go the regular doctor and just have him make sure it is not an ear infection or swimmers ear. He will refer you to where you need to go from there. You may need a simple round of antibiotics.

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